Sunday, August 16, 2009

Indisputable Facts

Most Of The American Government's Leadership, including our Legislators, and the President of The United States, have taken a solemn oath "to protect & defend" our U.S. citizens. That said, it's troublesome to realize that most legislators are either unsure, or are totally unaware of the 'hidden intentions' of the local Muslim C.A.I.R., The Muslim Brotherhood, The American Council of North America, The FIQH Council of North America, and the Saudi Arabian Assets that fund the 2000 Mosques, and the so-called "moderate" Muslim organizations. We Do Know to a moral certainty, that our current president was, in his teen years, exposed to some radical Marxist views. We Do Know, that Barry Obama's first political campaign for the Illinois State Senate was hosted in the living room of Bernadine Dorhne, a convicted felon, and her life-partner William Charles Ayers, who was and still is, the unrepentant radical Weather Underground Bomber of the hectic 1960's & 1970's. He's proud of it! We Know of other extremist radicals, including Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the Obama family pastor for 20 years, and his association with Rev. Louie Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) the acknowledged Jew-baiting Hate America Muslim "holy-man" that has ties to Libyan President Mouammar Qaddafi (!) IF we are aware of the above "indisputable facts", is it unreasonable to question the credibility of our Chief Executive, Barack H. Obama? *************************************************************** S/H Editor's Note: This Weblog Has Presented The Facts - of the religious differences often displayed by the Three Major Beliefs, that began in in the Middle East. A time long ago of man's first giant leap to a complex civilization, with the advent of the first Written Law of a Great King Hammurabi, nearly 4000 years ago, 1800 BCE, in Babylon; followed by... * The Mosaic Law - about 1200 B.C. {see Torah} * Christianity - 2000 yrs, {New Testament - The Holy Bible} * Islam - 600 A.D., {The Holy Qur'an} All of the above three claim "Devine Revelations" and all verifiable evidence reveals the brutality of the competition within certain tribes, with bloody struggles for Leadership within some organizations, into the 21st century! Witness the raw grimness between Shi'a and Sunni (al Queda) in Iraq, the intolerance for the Kurds, and the bitterness and killings among Hamas and Fatah groups in Palestine. The Grand Ayatollahs & Holy Imams are relentless in their quest for power over the masses! Also, the Sectarian History of 'Holy Mother-Church', the Roman Catholics Vs Protestants in Europe, or here in the U.S.A. the assassination of Joseph Smith, leader of the L.D.S. - "Latter Day Saints" Vs a (majority) of the Traditional Protestant here. The Mormon pioneers were despised & brutalized, and driven into the wilderness of the Salt Lake basin, in Utah. A remarkably courageous and sturdy band of people. True Pioneers of the Sage & Saddle! Peaceful Religions? A cursory review of the Major Faiths tells the story of ugly conflict, and of murderous behavior. Comparative Religion courses are a valuable study in contrast for the student interested in man's historical past. Thomas Jefferson's First Amendment set the paradigm for the United States, and to demonstrate to Old Europe, also the older states of the Middle East, that Religions Can Live in Peace and Harmony, if there is a multiplicity of religious sects; that One Sect can never achieve a Majority, to Oppress and Persecute the Rest - and that, is the Source of America's Greatness! reb