Saturday, November 14, 2009

Islam IS Different

by Dharmaveer

I am tired of people who know nothing about any religion state, almost as a self-evident axiom, that "All religions are the same." No they're not!

Islam is VERY different from Hindu Dharma. Let's talk statistics for a while, shall we? Can you guys guess what percentage of the verses in the Kuran speak of Kafirs? 63%! In other words, more than half the Kuran is simply hate speech about Kafirs. More than half! There is not one good thing Muhammad had to say about Kafirs. The Sira (his biography and collection of quotes and anecdotes) is more than 85% about his battles with Kafirs.

Islam IS about Kafirs. Get that right - Islam as a religion is about one topic alone - Kafirs. And we are all Kafirs. Yes, that's right. We are what Islam is about. The only problem is that Islam does not say "Love these guys." It says "hate them, kill them, behead them, humiliate them, "subdue" them, make them pay taxes, convert them..." Islam is all about "them" - the "them" being us Kafirs.

Islam is not a religion that focuses on itself and its people. It focuses on Kafirs. Isn't that strange - that a religion should focus not on itself but on those who are not in it? Islam is all about "the evil others - the Kafirs." The Kafirs who allowed Muhammad to do his thing when they could have killed him. But they showed great tolerance and let him mock and abuse them. But when he became powerful, he simply killed them or forcibly converted them to Islam.

Read the Upanishads (which form the spiritual core of Hindu Dharma). They don't even talk about "us" or "them." They simply discuss how the Atman (roughly translated to 'soul') is related to the unity underlying all creation (called the 'brahman'). There is absolutely no sectarian language there. No wonder Hindus, to this day, are unable to fully fathom this hateful ideology called Islam.

The Kuran is a manual of hatred and violence which seeks to divide humanity into "muslims" and "kafirs" and recommends permanent warfare between them. No wonder muslims are unable to live peacefully with any other community, anywhere. Because their religion only speaks of cultivating hatred towards others.

The world must no longer keep silent about this ideology. We must call it for what it is. Enough of the political correctness. Enough of the deafening silence. Islam declared war on us 1400 years ago. It is time we at least asked "Why?" Why are you killing us? What have we done? Just because an arab man 1400 years ago said you must kill us? Is that reason enough to abandon all humanity, all rationality?

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Winfred Mann said...

“There is absolutely no sectarian language there. No wonder Hindus, to this day, are unable to fully fathom this hateful ideology called Islam.”
This accurate statement applies to everyone. How can one understand a religion based on hate?

I truly believe that Islam is a hate crime.

Dictionary and legal definitions of hate crime:
1. a crime, usually violent, motivated by prejudice or intolerance toward a member of a gender, racial, religious, or social group.
2. a crime that violates the victim's civil rights and that is motivated by hostility to the victim's race, religion, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender

no_slappz said...

Last week's New York City edition of the Jerusalem Post included commentary on the issue of muslims and their lack of Nobel Prizes.

The writer notes that Jews, who account for 0.2 percent of the world's population, have won about 25% of all Nobel Prizes awarded in the sciences.

But muslims, who account for almost 25% of the world's population, have won almost NO Nobel Prizes in science.

It is a historical fact that dictatorial regimes produce inferior scientific advances, but even the Soviet Union produced some brilliant academics.

However, muslims fall far short of that. There are no "brilliant academics" in muslim countries. Science is an affront to Islam.

The muslim obsession with religion is the culprit. As long as muslims believe the key of life is found in the Koran, religion will stand in the way of intellectual advances.

Today, arab universities produce books and essays that claim Darwin, Freud and Marx and other brilliant minds are part of a Jewish conspiracy to destroy humanity. As long as efforts like this consume the muslim mind, the muslim world will remain in its dark age, possibly for another 1,000 years.


Yes Indeed, Islam IS Different.

It takes a minute to go to S/H Link-List, for additional info on the Hindu Experience. Tap "Thoughts of a nationalist Indian", then...

The 'Great Debate' between Mohamed Fadly, the Shari'a Law Faculty Student & "Amillennialist" is found in our "Recent Posts" column (on the opening page.)

Tap "Memorial Parade" {post} for this authentic expose' of the brutal verses in Islam's Holy Book.

Iran Seeks Nuclear Weapons To Dominate All Of The Middle East...Then the Rest Of Civilization.

On 9/11 we asked "Why"?

These Facts Are Hard For Most Of Us To Understand - We Prefer To Play Political Games. reb


Anonymous said...

"Government is not the solution to our problems,

government is the problem."
Ronald Reagan, Jan 2, 1981

Anonymous said...

I have delete your blog from my 'interesting blogs' list I tried to keep dialogue open but have decided you are not a sincere man. I will not longer read your blog or comments on any blog I follow. Life is too short to waste time.



Dharmaveer's post is revealing, but it's certainly NOT all-inclusive.

Within the World Terrorist Ummah, there are also the sub-groups:

In Palestine, it's Hamas Vs Fatah, killing each other for control - In Iraq, the Iranian Shiites battle the Iraqi Sunni - In the Philippines, a teacher's head is found in a bag - In Afganistan & Pakistan, the Pashtune warriors, al Queda, and Taliban are all engaged in bloody regional struggles, and the glib spokesmen of "moderation" tend to ignore the suffering and chaos of innocent families caught in the middle of this insanity.

Ask them if they've seen this claimed Islamic "Moderation", and if these widows and orphans believe that...

Islam is the Religion of Peace. reb

no_slappz said...

You wrote:

"In Palestine, it's Hamas Vs Fatah, killing each other for control..."

There is no nation of "Palestine."

It exists only as a geographic reference -- like the North Pole. We know where it is, but we also know it is not a sovereign nation.

The same is true for "Palestine."

However, people who pretend to be "Palestinians" have perpetrated a great fraud by convincing billions of non-muslims that this mythical nation is or once was a sovereign state.


Mr. no-slappz - I wrote about "sub-groups" - To have a nation, it is necessary to establish a framework of solid governance, civil law and a recognizable authority.

The elite, educated 'Palestinian' scattered long ago, many resettling in Jordan and Lebanon, praying for an ever-elusive peace.

Sovereignty remains a fanciful, unrealistic dream. reb

Winfred Mann said...

The Religion of Pieces Strikes Again
Taliban blow up girls school in Pakistan
Taliban militants blew up a girls' school in Pakistan's Khyber district on Tuesday, the third such attack in the tribal region bordering Afghanistan so far this month, officials said.

Can’t you just feel the enlightenment of these imbeciles? Muslim men must fear women.

no_slappz said...


The nitwit Mohamed would claim the Taliban are not true muslims. But they would claim he is not a true muslim.

What we learn from this is that Islam operates like Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, one of whom said to Alice -- A word means whatever I want it to mean. Nothing more and nothing less.

So it is with Islam. A billion and a half of Tweedle-Dees and Tweedle-dums, each a muslim in his own way.

no_slappz said...


The deception perpetrated by the so-called "Palestinians" is worth understanding.

There was never a nation of Palestine. As you know, the region was once part of the Ottoman Empire, an empire that collapsed as a result of many forces, but corruption was one of the chief culprits.

Like much of the middle east at the beginning of the 20th century, the area known as Palestine was unclaimed property.

Through the efforts of Great Britain and the United Nations, Israel was born in 1948.

At that time about 500,000 arabs who had been living on the land were forced off. They were pushed into the surrounding nations of Lebanon and Jordan, where they were not wanted and largely held in "refugee camps".

Those who were displaced by the formation of Israel can claim they are refugees. But since 1948, these refugees have had families.

The so-called Palestinians, who numbered 500,000 in 1948, now claim their population has grown to 4 million.

How did this happen? Well, it did not really happen. But Lebanon and Jordan have refused to recognize the original so-called Palestinians and their offspring as Lebanese or Jordanian citizens.

Why? Because they all hope Israel will be forced to grant the so-called Palestinians the Right of Return.

The Right of Return would grant them citizenship in Israel. That means voting rights. If all of those 4 million so-called Palestinians over 18 were given the right to vote, they would have the numbers to vote out the Israeli democracy and begin a muslim theocracy. Hence, the so-called Palestinians will never get the Right of Return.

Meanwhile, if any of the so-called Palestinians had left the middle east and landed in the US, their children would be AMERICANS.

They would have an arab heritage. But, if they were born here, they would be AMERICANS. But that would end their phony drive to pretend they are citizens of a nation that never existed, never wrote a constitution and was never recognized as a sovereign nation by any other sovereign nation.

The so-called Palestinians have been offered the Two-State solution since 1948, but they always refuse to accept it. Why? Because the muslims want all non-muslims out of the middle east.

It's that simple.

Mohamed said...

Now, answering the question; "Why are you killing us?"

I must object on the word "us" for the following reasons..

Most of the violent incidents made by the name of Islam were made in public places in the image of random killing. Not only in non-Muslim countries, but even in Muslim countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, etc. The result of combing "Random" & "Public" is that the identity i.e. the religion of the victim is UNKNOWN. It's very hard to predict the faith of the victim when a train station or a building is bombed. The possibility of killing a Muslim in that random killing is very high, particularly when Muslims are spreading in many non-Muslim countries, America, England, etc, whether as immigrants or as Muslim converts.

Consequently, it's so unfair to claim that those who kill randomly are targeting some specific religious group. But the only reasonable explanation is that those who kill randomly by the name of Islam are extremists who are misguided, and are convinced that they are heroes or martyrs (Shahid) who die for the sake of God when they bomb themselves in public civil places killing the old and the young, man and woman, non-Muslim and Muslim. It's extremism that blind the eyes, that they even can't see what prophet said about hurting non-Muslims! (Will be mentioned later.)

Mohamed said...

In response to; Just because an arab man 1400 years ago said you must kill us?

It's totally false.

In war times, Prophet Muhammad was saying to the warriors; .. do not embezzle the spoils; do not break your pledge; and do not mutilate (the dead) bodies; do not kill the children. Sahih Muslim, Book of Jihad, Number 4294.

But in peace times he said; "Whoever kills a person whom we have a treaty will not even come close enough to Paradise to smell its scent, and its scent can be found at a distance of forty years travel." Sahih Bukhari

Considering the fact that almost all of states around the world are members of UN, then it's a treaty among all states of the world, including Muslim states. As a result, this Hadith applies on all citizens of all states of the world.

The meaning of the Hadith is so clear, but I'll say it to confirm..

Prophet Muhammad is telling Muslims -with a very powerful good chain of narrators- that murdering a non-Muslim is a very big sin, that THE MURDERER WILL NOT EVEN APPROACH PARADISE. A suicidal bomber in a train station? A random shooter? HE WILL NOT EVEN COME CLOSE ENOUGH TO PARADISE.

That's it, that's what Prophet Muhammad told us. And he even applied this Hadith..

It has been recorded in more than one source that ONE OF THE MUSLIMS KILLED A MAN FROM THE PEOPLE OF THE COVENANT, and the case was brought before the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), who said; "I am the one most obliged to fulfill his covenant" and ORDERED THE MURDERER TO BE EXECUTED.

A Muslim man was executed because he killed only one non-Muslim!

The reason why I came back after all this long time is that Mr. reb, invited me to read this post. In fact, I wasn't interested at first, I expected much of the useless hatred phrases, but when I came here today, I was shocked by all these apparent lies about the very admitted facts and information about Qur'an and Sira. So, I thought it's important to say something, correct as much as I can, and reveal the lies, as a Muslim who is aware of Qur'an, Sira and teachings of Islam.

I'm not expecting so much change, because of big wave of Islamophobia, hatred and extremism against Islam in the West. But all what I hope is a moment of deep thinking. Or, giving yourselves a chance to read the two basic Islamic resources; Qur'an and Hadith (Teachings of the Prophet). We don't have any thing to hide.

To read Qur'an, here you're a trusted website offering a translation of the meanings of Qur'an;

To read Hadith;

I'm inviting all the readers to read by themselves, have a good reading experience, judge by themselves. Not to partially read, or listen to what is just told to them to be brainwashed and defame Islam.

Positivity or Negativity?

Winfred Mann said...

Moronic, Savage, Hateful Muslims Recreate the 7th Century - Continue Abusing Women

Somali woman stoned for adultery

A 20-year-old woman divorcee accused of committing adultery in Somalia has been stoned to death by Islamists in front of a crowd of about 200 people.
A judge working for the militant group al-Shabab said she had had an affair with an unmarried 29-year-old man.
And what does the man get?
He said she gave birth to a still-born baby and was found guilty of adultery. Her boyfriend was given 100 lashes.


Mr. NO_SLAPPZ! I believe that you have nailed the problem of why any attempt to deal with the "muslim problem" with an intelligent argument for an Educated Muslim to Consider, is probably already doomed to failure.

There is NEVER a single thread of reasoning when trying for an uninterrupted discussion; it's always a basket - full of Tweedle-Dum & Tweedle Dee. If You Offer Apples, Mohamed will come back
with Oranges...if you offer Potatoes, he quickly comes back with Tomatoes...Zero Continuity.

Every discussion bounces around like a ping-pong ball!

Mohamed has surfaced here again yesterday, after a long absence... with Over Two Pages of Non-Related Comment, and Scattered Thought. Only one short paragraph seemed worthy of publication:

"Prophet Muhammad is telling Muslims - with a very good chain of narrators - that murdering a non-Muslim is a very big sin, that THE MURDERER WILL NOT EVEN APPROACH PARADISE. A suicidal bomber in a train station? A random shooter? HE WILL NOT EVEN COME CLOSE TO PARADISE." Wow!

Really, Mohamed? Then it must necessarily follow that all the other atrocities of beheadings, stoning of women & girls, cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, and the murder of Apostates, plus the denial of an equal education to ALL muslim women, etc should also be addressed to a Billion Moderate Muslims > BEFORE IRAN WIPES ISRAEL "OFF THE MAP"...BEFORE IRAN STARTS A SELF-DESTRUCTIVE NUCLEAR WAR INVOLVING THE WHOLE PLANET!

Mohamed Fadly illustrated this split-personality logic very well, in Memorial Parade (Debate post) with Amillennialist. When this scholar supplied a long series of direct quotes from the "Holy Qur'an", Mohamed was Deeply Insulted (!) and Quit the Debate before we could begin with Mohamed's Favorite Subject, The 'Palestine Segment' - Well...

Memorial Parade Post is still available for an un-interrupted continuation, whenever Mohamed is ready. We can either recall Sir Amillennialist, or ask the eloquent Mr. no_slappz to fill in, for the Palestinian Segment.

That would be wonderful. reb



I've just posted on 'Understanding Islam' blog this brief comment:
"I'll state here for your limited audience, that I received your two full pages of comment, and rather than try to answer here (where interruption is common) I've placed it where rory stafford cannot interrupt the continuity.

See November 18th...With best wishes, reb

no_slappz said...

reb, if you observe the pattern of the muslim logic process you will find the following:

A muslim, like Mohamed, will offer a broad statement, such as In Islam Women have the same rights as Men.

However, the initial claim will be followed by a series of sidesteps, exceptions and evasions.

When the end of the series is reached, to anyone keeping score, it becomes clear that the broad original statement has been reduced to meaninglessness.

Mohamed says if a muslim kills one person, it is the same as if he had killed millions. Or, if a muslim is kind to one person, that kindness is equal to kindness given to millions.

Hence, Mohamed will say that because there are a handful of Jews living in Iraq, that means all muslims are accepting of all Jews.

I am especially interested in developments following the latest legislation to grant combat status to the victims of the Fort Hood terrorist attack.

The bill granting them special status acknowledges the attact was a muslim terrorist attack.

If this bill gets traction, it will force Obama to show his deep muslim sympathies OR force him to admit there is a muslim terrorist problem that may now exist within the US.


DECEPTION STACKS on top of multiple deceptions!

Here At Home we have observed how easily a slick Chicago Manipulator, with a host of questionable friends, has suckered an educated majority of gushing, slobbering voters in this country into buying his 'CHANGE ROUTINE'...and across the Atlantic, the European Continent is suffering under the Grand Delusion that Islam might be a "Peaceful" Religion, in spite of the almost daily reports of suicide bombings, almost anywhere.

Muslims killing innocent muslims!

Friend Mohamed is a very eloquent spokesman, ala M-Brotherhood's "pitch for moderation"! I still tend to admire that young rascal, but the skeptical mind, and those ugly quotes from the Qur'an shout at me, "Watch Out!" Warning - Warning - More Deception Ahead!!!


"War is deceit" Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 268.

(Shiite Iran invented "taqiyaa" and Arab Sunni endorses it! Nuke War Now Seems Inevitable. Sad!)

"What fools we mortals be" - reb

Winfred Mann said...

Understanding Islam is akin to understanding children. Children have this penchant for fairy tales.

Have you ever noticed the inherent naiveté that surrounds the Muslim mind—even the educated Muslims exhibit this. The Muslim from Algeria, who I mentioned previously, is a management consultant, and his worldview reflects an astounding gullibility to say the least. This, I believe, results from the basic education they receive, (Keep in mind that most of them receive none.) which consists of fables, i.e. Allah cracked the moon. Maybe we can fix the crack in the moon the next time we send a manned spacecraft there.

I can only imagine the angst Islamic scientists must endure. Rational thinking, cause-and-effect relationships become impossible, because only Allah can make it so.

no_slappz said...


Yes, I have noticed that characteristic of the muslim mind.

There was a writer who studied this issue. His name is Edward Atiyah. He wrote a book titled The Arab Mind, which was published in the 1950s.

He expounds on exactly the point you have made. He is, as you might notice, himself an arab. But I think he was educated in London and was a professor there as well.

Of course this little problem of muslims getting all their answers to every question posed by life is the reason these morons are still living with a 7th-century psychology.


Winfred - I Have No Sweet Illusions.

These people believe the moon split
in two pieces during their prophet
Mohammad's life, but nobody else saw it! They also believe in talking camels, talking trees... and the Shiites of Iran believe their Madhi, the 12th Imam (who died in 941 AD) is coming back any day now, to lead this world down the Yellow Brick Road, To Allah's Paradise!

Galilleo spent his later years in "house arrest" when he challenged the Roman Pope's notion that the Sun circled the Earth every 24 hours - In the 21st Century we are forced to confront Iran's Madhi Fairy Tale...and

Worse yet, these ding-dongs believe they'll survive a nuclear war!!

Plus...Obama's crew wants an "exit strategy" in Afganistan & Pakistan, and NASA wants to send Manned Probes to Mars, with a Probable Nuke War At Anytime.

Science versus Superstition - Oh, What a Crazy Generation We Live In.



My Apologies - This note is off-topic and political.

Last evening I rec'd a 30 minute phone call from Oroville, Ca from my old pal Greybeard Al. His main focus was on Governor Sarah Palin. He asks:

Is this conservative lady politically viable?

Well Albert, in Alaska she proved to be a political power-house, a high-voltage dynamo. From her minor spot with the local PTA to the city council, to mayor, then on to governor; with a non-partisan approach, she dealt effectively with oil executives, she pushed for a natural gas pipeline to the lower 48 - she wants to drill in ANWAR and our proven off-shore assets in the Gulf and Western Off-shore Development for Energy Independence from OPEC, she took on corruption within her own party - and when Sen McCain chose her as his VP running mate, her on-camera appeal hit the D.C. back-room boys like a crashing thunderbolt! She scared the hell out of them, Left & Right!

Does she have the right stuff for a solid political future, helping conservative cadidates? Will her book "Going Rogue" sell? (Without any doubt!)

Also, just compare her 'name recognition' to all the ladies on the Left: Nancy Pelosi, Governor Sebilius, Janet Napolitano, Geraldine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, etc. If they can retain political prominence, why not Sarah?

Can Palin survive all of the cheap-shots from MoveOn & DailyKos, and the main-stream media? (I think these jabbering clowns will only help Sarah's career.)

Does anyone out there still believe that most women should stay home, and let the macho-men continue to dominate the political scene?

Humbug & Horsefeathers; women have arrived!

There's your answer. Sarah Palin is destined to be a huge voice in future high-level, conservative campaigns. Her smile is radiant under pressure; she's quick with the quip, attractive & smart, with a bright "new look" to irrate the hard-core Left-Wing -

As appealing as anyone in recent years, and Independent Women Seem To Like Her...and That's Highly Significant.

Just watch her steam up the goggles of Senator Harry Reid's Crew of ObamaHealthCare Groopies!

Watch Sarah's Approval Ratings Climb as we close in on the November, 2010 Elections!


no_slappz said...


Palin is an interesting figure, and she has a role to play. But she's not presidential material.

In my view, she's out in front and taking all those shots from liberal outlets to draw out and exhaust the opponents of the next Republican presidential candidate before the next election day arrives.

She may see herself as a viable presidential candidate. But unless she can win in the primaries, which is doubtful, it is more likely her current efforts will lead to a big job in the next adminstration IF the Republican candidate wins.

Other than being female, Palin has none of the markers identifying a potential winner in the next election. She is reasonably intelligent, but not smart enough to sell herself on that basis.

She is getting better at speaking to large audiences. But she is not an orator.

She is focused on issues that are before us today. But by election time, who knows what stories will fill the headlines?

Doom & Gloom scenarios have a limited life-span. Thus by the next election Global Warming will provoke much less idealism and inspire fewer science-fiction solutions than it does now.

Iran seems destined to take another foolish step before Obama finishes his current term.

Palin might advocate a tough military response to any Iranian mis-step. But she would be among a big crowd of Republicans, I am sure.

At the same time, I think the oil issue will resolve itself, over-riding Obama's foolish objections. Americans want jobs and drilling for oil is one way to create them -- fast. Palin's support for more oil drilling will be heard and heeded before the election, thus removing it as an election issue.

Anyway, I think Palin is breaking the ice for the next Republican presidential candidate. It seems to me that when the primaries arrive Palin will face Michelle Bachmann from Minnesota and Governor Perry of Texas. There will be others, but they have not yet declared their candidacies.

Winfred Mann said...

Sarah would perform better than the so-called POTUS who currently occupies (and does little else) the White House.

Palin possess pragmatic characteristics that bode well for effective executives: critical thinking, problem solving and clarity, based on principles.

Obviously, the left is frightened to death of her, because she holds life dear, sees things clearly, and doesn’t obfuscate idealist philosophies with reality. Her propensity to state what’s on her mind, without equivocation is the polar opposite of the traditional leftist ranting (i.e., What if the sky fell tomorrow?), and other absurd non-existent propositions they interject to cloud issues, so they may pass cumbersome laws that stifle innovation, initiative, and the American spirit.

In 2012, she, or someone like her will be the change for which the country waited.

Winfred Mann said...

Is Obama getting ready to bug out of Afghanistan?

See my posts.

no_slappz said...

Winfred, I agree with your final sentence -- someone LIKE her will be the change for which the country waited.

In the previous election it was a forgone conclusion that the Democractic nomination was Hillary's to lose -- and she did it.

Frankly, I was surprised that she bungled the primaries as badly as she did.

At the start of the primaries, it was my view that she would win the nomination and lose the election.

After Obama was clearly in the lead, I thought the odds favored Hillary getting an invitation to be Obama's running mate. But it became clear that Obama dislikes her about as much as most Republicans.

Then there is Palin. I thought her appearance as McCain's running mate was a lot like Harry Truman's late addition as FDR's running mate in 1944.

He was a hick from Missouri with no college degree and a background about as provincial as Palin's. He did not know anything about the atomic bomb until a day or two after FDR croaked.

Moreover, during their campaign WWII was raging and then 88 days after the election Truman was suddenly running the show.

I suppose if Palin and McCain had been elected and if one morning McCain fell over dead in his Cheerios Palin would come through as well as Truman did. Probably a lot better than Obama has with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The way things have been going for Obama, if Biden were to croak, he might see the advantage in demoting himself to VP and turning over the top job to someone else.

I predict Obama will face a major crisis in the middle east, most likely with Iran. But now that Mahmoud Abbas says he will not seek another term as head of the Palestinina government, it's likely Hamas will gain a lot of power, which will trigger something bad.

Following the crisis, the entire muslim world will see Obama as either a hapless clown or someone they can call their own.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~
See the above (paragraph two) where no_slappz sez:

"In the previous election (2008)...
the nomination was Hillary's to lose, and she did it."

Well, NoT ExAcTlY...

On Feb 1st, 2008, George Soros Switched HIS Endorsement (and money) From Hillary To BHO, and Immediately TEDDY & CAROLINE Endorsed Barry Obama On The Same Day...The Fix Was In! Hillary felt the Shiv in her back!--> Poor Billy - Poor Hilly.

( All True )
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER GREAT POST! see Winfred's...

Here Comes The Set-up For The Bugout!

(Click it now for more Pelosi treachery!)


Evaluating Obama/Palin > > >

Question: As of Jan 1st, 2009 which
of these two political figures had more administrative experience?

Obama's main focus was limited to "community organizing", and Palin's was on a small town City Council, then to City Mayor, then on to become an efficient Governor of the State of Alaska.

Reapeating this simple question:

Which of the two politicians had more administrative experience?



Another Interesting Observation:

Today, Obama announced that he "may not seek a second term"!

I suspect that an inexperienced ideolog, with grandiose notions of "Change" might not have anticipated the pressures & responsibilities that weigh heavily
on the Oval Office in a Time Of War.

It happened to LBJ during Vietnam,
where Johnson had a "heavy heart"
and decided he's had enough.

Is this simply a case of historical repetition? We shall see how Obama handles the 'Troop Deployment to Afganistan Request of General Stan McCrystal'. reb


A Personal Note:

I met a fine young fellow today from Indiana, at Starbucks; he spotted the insignia on my cap, and he introduced himself as Doug H--- out of Ft. Drum, New York!

He had completed one tour with the 10th Mountain Division in Iraq, and another in Afganistan! I told him that when I was 18 yrs old in 1943, and trained at Camp Hale, Colorado, then we went to Italy to confront the Nazi troops in WWII.

I gave him my web address, and asked that he pass it along to other vets.

It's special meetings like this that warms my heart; God bless our troopers, whereever they serve!



CNN had a great interview tonight with Prime Minister Singh of India; a very upbeat gentleman!

He was very positive regarding India's "friendly competition" with China, and spoke in very glowing terms, and confidence that the United States has always shown the ability to 'bounce back' from the current dollar devaluation, and our unemployment figures here.

A great democratic governance, and a friend of the U. S. under his skillful leadership. reb

Winfred Mann said...

My brother-in-law was in the 10th Mountain Division, too.

India is the world's largest democracy. We need to cultivate a better and greater relationship with them.


Winfred - Did your inlaw receive his mountain & winter warfare training at Ft Drum, or Camp Hale, Colorado? Does he have e-mail access?
India - An Over 1.2 Billion Solid Democracy that has dealt with Islam's butchery for 1400 years. An alliance worthy of U.S. support.

It's the USA, India, and Israel...
Contra Mundum - Sempre Fi or Die!


Winfred Mann said...

Reb, Fort Drum, I'll try to get his email address for you.



November 26, 2009 - > Amillennialist Blog (see our Link)

Obama's Kenyan Grandmother a guest of Saudi King Abdullah during Hajj...Whewee!

Why is this report not seen on any Tv News Channel, or on any talk-radio station? I'd really like an answer to that one! reb


Hey! Who's really running this Shadowy Obama-san Government; is it Andrew Stern, the S.E.I.U. Union Boss, and his affiliate A.C.O.R.N., or Uncle Georgie Soros? Stern admits to about one White House visit per week, eclipsing billionaire manipulator SOROS!

IF ObamaHealthCare is finally approved, who stands to benefit most? Just Follow the Money!



IF there are any Women's Rights group members (or bloggers) reading this, tap our FRONTPAGEMAG (Link), then go to 'Columnists' for Editor Jamie Glasov.

He has just published an explosive article on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) from a victim of this brutal Islamic practice, in a number of Muslim Countries like Egypt & Saudi Arabia.

It prints out in six pages. Pass this info on to your friends & relatives. reb

Winfred Mann said...

The so-called Women's Rights group don't care about women's rights unless it concerns the rights of radical left women.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.



One afternoon long ago, a S/H post
rec'd a first comment from... Mohamed! I clicked on the blue-inked name, and Viola (!) I was in Egypt, at 'Understanding Islam' blog. Wow!

Mohamed & I have maintained an on-going interesting & informative, and occasionally "stormy" relationship ever since...until recently.

My last few comments there were deleted; here's the latest on November 30th, 2009:

Mohamed said: Mr. reb,

"If you have something to say about the subject of the post, i.e.
the 'Farewell Sermon', then provide it, and it will be kindly welcomed. Otherwise, all unrelated comments to the subject of the post will be deleted."
Snake Hunters response:

"Thousands of years ago, historians...record the existance of the earliest Gods of the Hindu.

First Brahman, the Unknowable Super-God, then Shiva, the destructive warlike deity, Vishnu, preserver of the working order of the universe.

Two thousand years pass, then the ancient Egyptian Gods of Ra (or Re)
which represented the Sun God surfaces, followed by...Osiris (also Aser/Asar) god of the underworld...Set, god of the desert, storms & darkness...Isis, god of love, magic, motherhood, children, and Peace...Horus - the sky & solar god.

Monotheism & Jehovah, the Supreme God of Gods, had not yet arrived."
P.S. You may wish to Print & File this one, before Deletion.

My Best Wishes For the New Year. reb

Anonymous said...

Once again, Mohamed Fadly chose to delete the above comment, totally ignoring the clear lessons & perspectives of these earlier religious beliefs. In the above, I said nothing offensive about Islam.
Long before Jehovah appointed Abraham as leader, and even longer, before the Prophet Mohammad's military adventures required the Power of the Islamic God 'Allah' to promote Islam. It's a fascinating history lesson for most anyone that has not read it.

The ancient leaders of India & Egypt had seen fit to use their symbolic gods to sustain and control their unsophisticated masses. Why is true history so objectionable? Why do the brightest
teachers of Islamic Theology choose to keep their blind followers in the shadows and darkness, away from all enlightenment?

A concise answer (under a thousand words from Mohamed) will not be deleted here. reb

Winfred Mann said...

Muslims do not want the truth. I made a post re: Indonesia and suppression of truth this AM.

Why won't Turkey admit to the Armenian genocide?

Islamic nations constantly deny reality, are unable to accept criticism (while constantly criticizing others), and oppress human rights.

The so-called religion is about submission, nothing else. It's a sorry excuse for faith.

A wise Muslim would question the Qur'an, just as people of other faiths have questioned their holy texts without fear. But I doubt there are any wise Muslims, just lemming-like zombies.


There are moments when I wonder why
I spend a couple hours each day at this computer.

Today I found this:



The Qur'an teaches much more about "A Woman's Place" in this world. See...



We are all different, aren't we?

Today, it was a bit chilly; about 40 degrees. I was sitting outside at Starbucks when a red Honda pulled up, and a big guy got out, smoking a huge black cigar...I said:

"Mister, your back window is rolled down about an inch." He replied, "Yeah, I know. That second-hand smoke is a killer!"




November 4, 1979 - Our U.S. Embassy

September 11, 2001 - New York City


We have the most powerful military force in world history - The Grand Ayatollah in Iran still enriches
U-235 - Our leaders have done nothing to stop him -

...really, nothing at all. - reb


no_slappz said...

reb, there are many other dates and events over the last half century worth recalling at this time.

The assassination of Robert Kennedy in June, 1968, by Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian.

The bombing of the Marine Corps barracks in Beirut in October 1983 by two muslim suicide bombers in a truck full of explosives. 241 Marines killed.

The bombing of 1988 Pan Am flight 103 by muslim terrorists. 270 killed, about 190 were Americans.

There's more. Way too many more.

It is true. Winfred is right. Islam itself is a hate crime.


Playing around on 'Understanding Islam' (Post...)

Mohamed Fadly insists that I read the entire 'Holy Qur'an'...! (Yeah)

I put this comment on his Dec 10th blog:

"Mohamed - Since you tend to DELETE any factual items that I place here, I will safely place them where all readers (both yours & mine) can see them, then form their opinions..." Cordially, reb
From: The Seattle Times > Pakistan arrests five U.S. Muslim citizens -
Terror recruits! See:

From: The New York Times > 'U.S. Man, David C. Headley, Accused of Helping Plot Mumbai Attack' (166 Dead, hundreds hurt!) Another terror recruit! See...

Winfred Mann said...

Read the entire Qur'an? Why? Indoctrination into hatred and violence? The religion speaks for itself via its terror activities.

We are in the next wave of Islamic terrorism : homegrown lunatics. The ideology has been preached globally.

Why is there so much hatred emanating from this pathetic religion? Why can't they grow up like normal people?


Fascinating Tid-Bits


Well, he's just the Union Boss that heads up S.E.I.U., the Service Employees International Union; and S.E.I.U. and A.C.O.R.N. are the twin evils (that often share office space) that must be confronted next November, folks!
On tonight's Glenn Beck Tv show, I heard Obama say it again:

"I told Andy Stern (when I was in the Senate) that...that HIS agenda, IS MY AGENDA!"
I suppose that's why Barbara Wa-Wa named Beck as "most fascinating"!

Winfred Mann said...

During my recent trip, I heard the new mantra of the left.

Environmental Justice

This is another term that means, Steal money form those work, and give it to those who don't.


Environmental Justice?

No such concerns in Las Vegas; check out 'Vegas on Steroids' at...

Bing to Reuters India, to Las Vegas new City Center. It's opulence beyond belief, and Call-girls and Lounge Lizards in the yellow pages...and an Astro-turf Putting Green in your suite too!

Go Tiger! reb

Winfred Mann said...


I imagine Fadly is getting help from about 20 imams so he may answer your question. You understand they collaborate on everything.

no_slappz said...

mohamed posted:

""Whoever kills a person whom we have a treaty will not even come close enough to Paradise to smell its scent, and its scent can be found at a distance of forty years travel." Sahih Bukhari"

Treaty? The preceding statement shows that muslims believe their religion doubles as a government empowered to enter legal and binding agreements with non-Islamic entities.

However, as we know, Islamic law -- sharia law -- does not prohibit or punish muslims who break treaties with non-muslims.

Mohamed seems naively oblivious to the Islamic reality that a true muslim is whatever the muslim himself declares. Thus, fundamentalist muslims will claim he is not a true muslim and he might say the same of them.

Does it matter? They all claim to serve Allah, they all claim to be the true believers, and they all want the world to embrace Islam.

The religion has no hierarchy like the organizations found in Christianity. Instead, within Islam, there are "scholars" who are effectively religious lawyers who interpret the Koran, which is translated into local government policy.

It is truly amazing that a 7th-century schizophrenic who compiled one book has had such a lasting impact on so many minds.


Neovolcanic activity at 4,000 ft level reported by noaa. West Mata, south of Samoa, filmed for first time! Spectacular! reb archive.html


Yes, Sir no_slappz! Mohamed Fadly likes to posture as an "islamic scholar", but he might delete or ban any comment that runs counter to his narrow viewpoint.

Recently, he sez Snake Hunter is a
Liar, then he deletes one-half of my comment, leaving the other half!
Imagine that.

Western scholars welcome dissenting
viewpoints...but not Mohamed.

Mohamed doesn't seem to realize that he loses credibility when he
bans & deletes Amillenialist, no_slappz, winfred Man, and now even this senile old LIAR! reb


Today's S/H Comment on 'Understanding Islam' (blog) >
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Mohamed said - Dec 17th >

"You (reb) Claimed That Muslims Don't Respect Treaties With Non-Muslims (WITHOUT PROVIDING ANY EVIDENCE ABOUT YOUR CLAIM)...

Reb's Answer: Mohamed Is An Islamic Scholar, I Am Not; He Insists That Reb Research It, To Inform Mohamed...Well, O.K.
---- ----

1) First, the words of Egyptian scholar Sayyid Qutb: "Islam and Universal Peace, that true peace would prevail in the world just as soon as Islam had conquered it."

2) "War Is Deceit", Vol 4 Book 52, Number 269

3) Islamic Words:
a) Dar al Islam - House of Islam - Dar al Haarb- House of War
b) Nnash - to nullify, abrogate etc (with religious permission)
c) Taqiyya - religious deception, i.e. Lying to an Infidel
d) Kitman - Mental reservation (withholding sensitive parts)

Sayyid Qutb (repeat)...true peace would prevail in the world...
Quote: "That's The Greatness of the
Islamic Religion" - Mohamed Fadly, on Nov 17th, 2009 [post], 6:42 AM
(Print This Before You Delete, you clever young rascal) - reb

Anonymous said... 'Divine mission' driving Iran's new leader




The Crystal Clear Words Of The
Great Egyptian Scholar Sayyid Qutb:

"Islam and Universal Peace...that true peace would prevail in the World, just as soon as Islam had conquered it!"
Ten thousand words from the inane apologist cannot change it, even a tiny speck. reb



************* 2009 *************


Winfred Mann said...

Why should Mohamed worry about credibility; it’s not a hallmark of the Religion of Hate. He’s a propagandist, not a scholar (this is true of all muslims), because the attributes of a scholar allow and welcome dissenting views, while a propagandist does not.


Meanwhile, here at home, the Fannie Mae & FreddieMac Execs receive fat bonuses...and 1,000,000 homes are in foreclosure!

How does the the Obama Administration justify that, as AirForceOne zips off to Honolulu?

Wiki-Wiki y'all! reb

no_slappz said...

You guys should check the messages on my "Madness of Islam" blog entry.

A few interesting comments appeared recently.