Friday, November 06, 2009

Muslim Butchers Americans!

After reading Sir Amillennialist November 6th Article "Muslim butchers Americans at Ft. Hood, U.S. President (and most of our media) clueless about motive"...the Snake Hunter posted this comment:

Preliminary Reports out of Ft. Hood were inaccurate and incomplete; this loyal muslim screamed Allah Akbar! then he murdered 13, and wounded thirty more. He's alive and stable, is the (wounded) lady trooper that quickly took him down!

In another report, Associated Press writers Jeff Carlson & Mike Baker stated that a neighbor of Major Nidal Malik Hasan had "cleaned out his apartment" in the days before his killing rampage, adding more proof that this act was a premeditated slaughter.

Apathetic Americans must be held accountable, and share the blame for this atrocity, and be ready for more killings instigated by the Recruiting Imams within our schools & universities, our institutions and prison facilities coast to coast.

Enough of this nonsense!

Advise The Saudi King Abdullah that his Muslim Mosques and his Council of American Islamic Relations (C.A.I.R.) Propaganda Ministries spreading across this continent must be dismantled now, and shipped back to the Arabian Desert! Anything less, and we dishonor our voluntary military families, and our loyal U.S. citizens.

How many more "evil incidents & honor-killings" must we endure before 'We the People' Declare It:

"Enough of This Half-hearted Dithering, Enough Hesitation....We-Are-In-A-Blood-Drenched-War!" reb

Links worth your time

A S/H Public Service Notice

Domestic "Violence" Hotline!

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
1.3 Million American Women Each Year
Are Physically Abused by their
Husbands or Boyfriends!

Get Help ~ Call 911 ~ Report it

(Or Call Above D.V.H. Hotline, Now!)

The Wisest Mind Has Something Yet To Learn!


Winfred Mann said...

Wherever Muslims go, atrocities follow; it;s their way. Muslims come to Western cultures to foster sedition in their quest to inflict Sharia Law on the infidels: that's us.

Islam is a hate crime.

Don't be fooled by the rhetoric. The Qur'an is an instruction manual for hatred.


This Editor's Opinion:

In about 12 months this nation will
have an opportunity to clear out some political dead-wood from our national, state, and local halls of governance, and return us to a robust two-party system.

Soros' Progressivism has finally been exposed!

Only then will we begin to put an end to this slick Chicago Shadow Government, and the Reid/Pelosi, Barney Frank/Chris Dodd and Henry Waxman, et al fiasco of Corporate Bail-outs, plus military hesitation & appeasement, and the idiotic willingness to "negotiate" with Iran. The 1990-page ObamaHealthCare "Pelosi Bill" has been a 'sacred cow' blessing in disguise! The silent majority smells a San Francisco Rodent.

"Kill the Bill" signs have replaced 'CHANGE', and our weak-willed response to Islam's Challenge to Liberty is gradually, one-step-at-a-time, dying out.

Conservative America Has Spoken Up Clearly, in Virginia, and even in "liberal" New Jersey, where national unemployment figures just reached 10.2 percent, and those so-called 'Blue-dog Democrats' are getting an earful from their angry constituents back home! Fort Hood, Texas - Another Wake-up Call.

God Bless America! reb

Anonymous said...

Roger OS Quotes A Patriot

"When the people fear the government that is Tyranny.

When the government fears the people, that is Liberty."

Thomas Jefferson


... --- ... S.O.S. ... --- ...

International Morse Code - A Distress Signal - So, Pay Close Attention.

All people living in the 21st Century now face an unparalleled nuclear disaster from an ancient Persian/Iranian culture that stubbornly insists on their right to dominate all other cultures & all religions. That said, it's time to >

Inform Yourselves!

This weblog has published, with the sole purpose of informing an apathetic world, a most remarkable debate between Mohamed Fadly, a Shari'a (Egyptian-Muslim) Law Faculty Student.... and 'Amillennialist', a scholarly professor of Middle East History!

Go now, to 'Recent Posts' (left column) for this remarkable debate!

Tap Memorial Parade Post, May 27th,
for a full view of these Islamic teachings, w/ direct quotations from the Qura'n and Jihadist "Holy War".
Comments are welcome re this debate, on all subsequent S/H offerings. May & June Posts are hereby Closed.

Caution: Obviously Rude or Vulgar (salacious) Material or Comments Will Never Be Published!




IF YOU ARE SEARCHING - for some vague, obscure motivation for exactly why Major Nidal Malik Hasan murdered thirteen people, and wounded dozens more at Fort Hood, Texas on November 5th, search HERE for the answers:

Amillennialist, Tuesday, July 27, 2004 - Print or File, 13 pages of bloody motivations, chapter & verse, directly from Islam's "Holy" Qura'n.

This killer's loyalty is not open to question; he faces Mecca to Pray, and Nidal Hasan has committed premeditated mass-murder on unarmed U.S. personnel, period -

He's Just Another One-track, Loyal, Suicidal Muslim Jihadist > Seeking Martyrdom.



Winfred Mann said...

Muslims Practice Their Religion Again
Teacher beheaded in Philippines

Police in the southern Philippines say the severed head of a kidnapped schoolteacher has been found in a bag at a petrol station.

Anonymous said...

Girl you met in Oak Ridge said she would read your blog and let you know how she liked it. WOW!! is all that comes to mind. I wasn't expecting such great writing.
Terrific job Ralph.


More on that muslim killer, Nidal Hasan; Intel Sources reveal that Major Hasan also sent some eMail messages to al Queda Operatives out-of-country weeks before the planned mass-murders at Ft Hood.
Sonya - Glad you enjoyed reading this effort; however, any future comments should be directed at the material in the post that got your attention. pass our blog address along to an aware relative, friend, or a returning veteran. Sempre Fi.

Thanks again for your comment. reb

Winfred Mann said...

Tomorrow, on Veterans Day, we honor the people that made this blog and all blogs possible.


Nidal M. Hasan direct quote:

"We love death more than you (Americans) love life!"

Yeah...this poor slob sounds just like a loose-jawed jabber-wocky member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, with that loyalist chant.

Also, this loony-tune really sucked up most of this garbage at the Dar al-Hijrah Virginia mosgue where his old Imam preached holy-war to him 'til it stuck. Then when Anwar al-Alaki moved out to Yemen, they swapped e-Mails to keep in touch.

(al-Alaki is the dude with the al Queda connection.)

It seems that Nidal Malik Hasan is the only known serious case of PTSD Syndrome BEFORE deployment!


Winfred Mann said...

It's a direct quote from Osama bin Lyin's 1996 fatwa in which he declared war on America. He must have gotten the islamic thought from the brotherhood slogan. In the fatwa, he lied when he said that America had declared war in Islam. This reflects on the abnormal thinking of muslims. Muslims are sick: mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

I'm from a small town in south Georgia from a white Christian family but I am working in India. I shared a taxi with an Iraqi student yesterday, then got out at a mosque where I met an Indian Muslim about some business we might do together. Tomorrow I will go to a Muslim neighborhood to buy zinc for a lemon battery experiment that I'm putting on for a friend's mother's child-focused NGO.

I think if you actually meet a few Muslims, even with Christian and American values (I won a DAR citizenship award and I have always been active in my local church), then your mind might change. I know a lot of good ones.

In fact, one of the people who's character I admire the most is from a Muslim family. He is a student, travel agent, and peacemaker in Northeast India, welcomed by the military and the local insurgents. I've known him for a year and he's just a damn good person.

I very rarely post on blogs, especially those I disagree with, but when I read that Islam is a hate crime, it riles me a bit because I interact with so many Muslims here. If it is a hate crime, then to me it has been disguised in the most genuine-seeming hospitality I have experienced in my life. I consider myself a Christian, moderate (did not vote for Obama), patriotic southern American who happens to be in India by the grace of God, and so therefore I'm asking you both to tone down the hatefulness.

If you'd like to come here and experience real Muslims living there daily lives instead of the mostly fictitious Muslims written up by the sensational media in the U.S., then I'd be happy to facilitate that, and perhaps even help you all get Rotary money for tickets.


Mr. Anon - This weblog was created nearly four years ago, with the hope of informing the unaware.

Blind "Hatefulness" is certainly not condoned here.

While I am usually loathe to publish or respond to any biased material offered by anonymous authors, because of your unique experiences and brief sojourn in India with "moderate muslims", this permits an exception to the general rule.

So, I'll offer to expand your Christian viewpoint just a bit.

Take just a minute to find our 'Link-List', then tap into "Thoughts of a nationalist Indian", read Darmaveer's "Yes, Islam IS Different" (a single page) March 17, 2009, for a more realistic view of the true nature & motivations that have driven that blood-soaked history, and that kill-culture for 1400 years!

Then, you might be moved to acquaint yourself to a few grim chapter & verse quotations directly from Islam's "holy" Qura'n. These are found in abundance in the fine debate between Mohamed Fadly and Amillennialist, a Judeo-Christian scholar, under 'Recent Posts' - see Memorial Parade {post}.
One more thing: we'd appreciate the courtesy of an e-mail or blog address, along with a first name...should you choose to respond.


Winfred Mann said...

I said that Anonymous, so address your comments to me. You make many claims, yet offer no proof that what you say is true. Look around the world. Muslims have perpetrated hate crimes in 28 countries.

Wherever Muslims live we witness beheadings, suicides bombings, hate speech, riots and more.

My blog is filled with atrocities committed in the name of Islam.

Islam is a hate crime:
Fort Hood Islamic terrorist killer Nidal Malik Hasan visited lapdancing club

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the US army psychiatrist and devout Muslim who shot dead 13 colleagues at Fort Hood, repeatedly visited a lapdancing club in the days before the massacre. Hasan was a regular customer at a club close to the Texas military base and on one occasion spent six hours there watching women poledancing.

His behaviour in the run-up to the shooting spree is similar to that of some of the September 11 hijackers who also sampled Western decadence before committing their atrocity.

Mohamed Atta, the leader of the September 11 terrorists, and four accomplices spent time in a strip bar in Las Vegas, while others frequented one in Florida. Starz, the club visited by Hasan, is just yards away from Guns Galore, the weapons store where he legally bought the semi-automatic pistol he used in the attack.


Dan Friedman sends this: it's worth repeating here:


"In keeping silent about Evil, in burying it so deeply within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future."

--Alexander Solzhenitzen, "The Gulag Archipelago" ( Hmmmm )


Mr. Anonymous might benefit by laminating this for his wallet or travel-desk...when visiting his moderate, peace-loving muslim friends in India.
P.S. I also have a couple of friends (A.S. & T.S.) that could possibly derive some good from reading this one. reb

Winfred Mann said...

For several months, I had coffee with a Muslim from Algeria. That's until I asked about the violence-provoking passages in the Qur'an. He went into a tirade claiming no one can question the Qur'an.
That is the heart of the problem: you are not permitted to question anything in the Qur'an, anything Muslim, no matter how insulting, confrontational, or murderous it may be.

no_slappz said...

That's it in a nutshell. No one can question the book of crazies written by the schizophrenic-in-chief.

Anonymous said...

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