Monday, January 18, 2010

Is a Nice Muslim a Good Muslim?

Using the Five Principles to educate the
world about political Islam, its founder
Mohammed, his political doctrine and his god, Allah.

by Bill Warner

After a murderous jihad at Fort Hood or the Christmas day airplane bombing attempt, did you hear: "Of course, not all Muslims are bad?" That brings up the question of how do you even tell if a Muslim is bad? Or good?

First off, what is a Muslim? A Muslim is a person who follows the doctrine of Islam. When that same person, does something that does not follow the doctrine of Islam, they are not a Muslim. The common idea is that anyone who says that they are a Muslim has their every action and word dictated by Islam. Put another way, every Muslim is seen as perfect follower of Islam at all times and circumstances. However, the truth is that a "Muslim" is not always a Muslim. When they do not follow Islamic doctrine, they are no longer a Muslim, but are a kafir (non-Muslim).

Now, how do we know if a Muslim is good or bad? If they are following the Koran and the Sunna (the perfect example of Mohammed), they are a good Muslim. If they don't follow the doctrine, then they are not a Muslim. That means that from the stand point of Islam there is no such thing as a good or bad Muslim. You either are a Muslim or you are not. When anyone follows the Koran and the Sunna, they are Muslim. When anyone does not follow the doctrine of Islam then they are a kafir.

This means that a person called a Muslim has two modes of being-Muslim and kafir, or kafir-Muslim. The same person can be a Muslim in one moment and a kafir in the next.

What do kafirs mean by a good Muslim? Simple, the same way we judge all other people as good and bad-the Golden Rule. Do they follow the Golden Rule when they are with us? If so, then they are a good person.

Since the Koran and the Sunna do not have the Golden Rule, how are Muslims to treat us? Islamic doctrine lays out an alternative to the Golden Rule. Those who do not believe Mohammed are kafirs, and kafirs are treated differently from Muslims.

Islamic doctrine says a great deal about the kafir. Most of the Koran is about kafirs, 61%, only 39% is about Muslims. About 20% of the Hadith is about kafirs and 98% of the Sira is about kafirs. Mohammed was fixated on kafirs and annihilated every kafir by violence, exile or conversion. When Mohammed died, there was not a person alive in Arabia who would argue with him.

Mohammed's actions are pure Islam; therefore, annihilating kafirs and kafir culture is pure Islam. A Muslim has to be, in some way, in some form of action, eliminating kafirs and their world. The action against kafirs is jihad. There are four flavors of jihad and murder is only one. Deception, conversation, articles and TV appearances can be jihad of speech and writing. There is always the option of giving to an Islamic charity, since one of the Koranic uses of charity is jihad.

Every Muslim believes that all nonbelievers are kafirs. The Koran says that kafirs may be hated, plotted against, deceived, murdered, raped, enslaved, mocked and tortured. All of those actions are Islam and perfect doctrine. When a person is being a good Muslim, they are following Islam and that means that you are a kafir. Hate, deception, murder, mockery and torture are bad for kafirs, but good for Muslims.

Kafirs are pure other. Muslims treat other Muslims as brothers and sisters, but they can treat a kafir well or they can treat them as less than an animal. Islam has dualistic ethics, one set of rules for Muslims and another set of rules for kafirs. Dualism is bad. When a Muslim practices dualism, they are bad. There is no good in Islam for a kafir and therefore, there is no good in a Muslim for a kafir.

Does this mean that the Muslim at work is bad? Yes, when they are following the doctrine of Islam. Whenever they are not following Islam, that person can be as good as any other. It is not about people, but about doctrine. It is the doctrine of Islam to be bad to kafirs. When anyone is practicing Islam around a kafir they must be bad, since Mohammed was never good to kafirs.

Wait! What about the nice, pious Muslim at work? He is good, isn't he?

Is he nice because of the Golden Rule or is he practicing the Sunna of the charming Mohammed we find in the early Meccan days? Mohammed could be very polite with kafirs, however, if charm did not work, then other methods were used. Islam is a process of increasing force that can start out pleasantly.

We are left with an ethical confusion around any Muslim. They can seem pleasant, but nothing changes the fact that they see Mohammed as the perfect person to imitate. Nothing changes the fact that we are kafirs. Kafir is the worst word in the human language.

Whom are we to believe-the Muslim at work or Mohammed? Every Muslim wants to imitate Mohammed; every Muslim is a Mohammedan. The problem is that Mohammed annihilated every kafir he ever met. It was a process. The process started out nice and when nice did not work, it ended in annihilation of the kafir. In Islam, nice is the beginning of bad for the kafir.

So how do you tell if a nice Muslim is good or bad? From the kafir point-of-view, there is only the fact that a Muslim is following Mohammed's example. And that is bad, very bad.

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Anonymous said...

Nice fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.


A Question For My Friend, Mohamed Fadly:

Is a Nice Muslim a Good Muslim? Well, today I'm Confused...again!

For many, many months this old SnakeHunter thought I had found a friendly & moderate "Good Muslim"
with whom I could share opinions.

I even offered uninterrupted space for Mohamed & Sir Amillennialist To Have a Debate, and they accepted! See Memorial Parade {post} > May 27th, 2009 -

Mohamed's 'Understanding Islam' had a Post that introduced Dr Ali Gomaa; I was impressed with this Grand Mufti's 'Moderate Approach to 'Women's Rights'...So, I republished it on Snake Hunters Blog! See Oct 15th Post.

Then I heard that Dr. Gomaa also endorsed Iran's puppet HAMAS! Now what must I believe? Is Dr Gomaa just using 'taqiyya' on gullible kafir? (Be careful, reb)

Mohamed says I should read the Holy Qur'an, and I've been doing it, and there I found some very disturbing things: So, I re-read...

Ayatollah Exposed, Oct 1st, 09
Nonie Darwich, March 17, 09 (2 items) "Now They Call Me Infidel" and "Roots of the Gaza War". Then I Posted
"A God Who Hates" Fawa Sultan, Jan12th, (I even bought the book.)

TODAY S/H Found Six More Pages of Holy Qur'an, See...

Now REB can only wonder...

Is Friend Mohamed a "Bad" Muslim & A Nice Kafir (?) or, is he 'A Good Muslim, No Kafir'? - I'll ask him. -


Anonymous said...

Mohamed Fadly's Response -(I've printed and reproduced his exact words here, Dated Jan 19, 2010 -
12:16 AM (Egyptian Time)
"Mohamed said...

Snake Hunters,

If there is any question you can freely ask me.

Ah, about your invitations to read your posts. I wish I have the time for that, but I'm afraid it will be just a waste for my precious time to read your republished post that are mainly lies about Islam.

I tried over months to correct your corrupted preconceived ideas about Islam, but all my efforts were in vain. You aren't ready to listen to me, you consider me performing something that I don't believe in as a Sunni Muslim, "taqiyya". You always think that I'm deceiving you.

Tell me then, how you'd listen to me when I'm a "clever deceiver" for you? If I told you that 9/11 attacks were brutal, will you believe me that it's what I really
believe in? If I told you that Islamic rules tell me to deal kindly and justly with non-Muslims (including yourself) not to "kill them", will you believe me?


It's your problem. You cannot trust me. I cannot discuss with someone who doesn't trust my words." >>
_ _ _ _ _


Now, SnakeHunters response:

Mohamed - I'll reproduce your exact words on Snake Hunters; if you are a "secretive kafir" then I certainly understand your hesitation. It's an unfriendly, often violent world out there.

Be at Peace. Your friend,



Two million Haitians in Port Au Prince are in dire circumstance after the devastating 7.0 earthquake utterly destroyed that capital city; zero building codes!

Bulldozers are working round the clock, feverishly burying tens of thousands of rotting corpses in mass unmarked graves.

Help is pouring in however. The UN is there, and "Doctors Without Borders", The American Red Cross, Church missions aiding Orphans, Salvation Army crews, and the USS Carrier Carl Vincent with 19 helicopters, USNS Hope, a floating hospital with 12 fully equipped surgical rooms were quick to respond to the hapless human beings of the Haitian tragedy.

Where are the highly-touted charity people from the Oil-rich MiddleEast? Where is Saudi Arabia?
They spend countless billions building mosques and madrassa around the world. Where are they?

So far, a week after the earthquake, only a single nation from the MiddleEast showed up; tiny Israel is on the ground with a mobile hospital, rescue teams, with a full medical staff!

So much for Islam's Peace & Love.



Ooops! That Navy Floating Hospital
is the USNS "Comfort"...sorry about that; my mistake. - reb


Mark this calendar date!


Those elderly, hard-line Democrats & Republicans are now old-fashioned
has-been's...Change Is Here, dontcha know it yet?

Eli Pariser said so, in December, 2004 and Uncle George just grinned.
"We bought it, we own it, it's ours" said Eli. He was speaking of the old Democratic Party. Has anyone read George Soros book, 'The Bubble of American Supremacy'?

The first gut-punch for these political elite-masters was in Virginia, then another kick in the pants in New Jersey, and now on Teddy Kennedy/Sen John Kerry's Home Turf in Massachusetts!

Hey, Wuz happening? This is getting pretty serious! Where's Reid & Pelosi? Even wealthy California's in deep trouble; Arnie needs a Federal Bailout! Hey, What's goin' on guys?
The 52/47 drubbing in Kennedy-country today seemed to fortell the beginning of the end to Obama's dream to 'change' this great republic into a negative something called.."Progressivism" -Whoops!

Take from the rich, redistribute their gains to the poor; treat everyone alike. We can all become Orphans to the Federal System of Governance. Free Gubmint Cheese... Oh, Wow! What's next, like free housing, free medicine, robotic
factories & farms! Who needs Jobs?
Daddy Big-Bucks will take care of us. Ain't that what we've been promised?

Education? That's for the Elite Leadership, and their heirs to worry about. Who needs it?
Take away from the Producers, and we dilute the drive, ability and spunk to create & build something of value. Kill off the paradigms that produce goods and services, kill-off the incentive instincts, stifle the long-hours of dedicated energy necessary to build a business, or run a farm, or devise a brilliant idea that leads to innovation and inventive genius beneficial to all of humanity.

Americans are waking up.

If they turn us all into celebrity-worshipping, consuming robots that think alike, and behave as if there is only today, then our political masters will have won the game. However, that will put a hitch in our get-along. If producers are given little reward,
how long will they be willing to produce...anything?

That's The Progressive Mentality, and 'We the People' Have Said... No! - Mark the Date. reb


Just Published On 'Understanding Islam' {blog}...See Links.
MOMAMED - I have read and re-read my January 18th Post about Muslim Thinking, and the Variety Contained Therein; it is quite complex.

Here's what you should understand about the USA...

There are five basic (political) philosophies that are current:

Old Democrat & Republican, Conservative, Progressive, and 'Independent' Thinkers.

Recently, the "Progressives" have pushed aside the "old democrats", hoping to fundamentally "change" our proven system of governance into a Socialist System, where (a) Politicians Control Manufacturing of Products (see General Motors as an example) and (b) Nationalizing- Medical Care & the Pharmacuetical Industry - (one sixth of the economy!)

It's a scheme that threatens to "Change" our Great Republic into something that we didn't fully understand when a majority elected Barach Obama; It's a Socialistic-Power-Grab!

Recent Elections in Virginia, New Jersey, & Yesterday in Massachusetts are strong indications that the majority now understand this threat, and strongly opposes it!
It has always been my hope that my friend Mohamed was an Independent Muslim (if that's even possible)...

Perhaps not.

I had hoped that you were not (like many others) in the Totalitarian Straight-jacket and Restrictive Chains of an Absolutist Ancient Doctrine.

I Am Very Independent; I'm still not certain about You...therefore, I cannot, and will not, render a final judgement.

I was quite amused, when you recently called me a Liar...when you know so little about me.!

Keep Searching for the Truth. -


RogerOS said...

I also found it quite interesting that the Israelis were the first on the scene in Haiti with no strings attached assistance.

Guess the rest of the world could learn a lesson from them.


Yes Roger, Especially King Abdullah, the Saudi Arabian Monarch! reb

Amillennialist said...

If Allah commands "kill the pagans wherever you find them . . . Fight against . . . the People of the Book [Jews and Christians, originally] until they feel themselves subdued and pay the jizya ["protection" money; protection from Muslims] . . . Paradise . . . [belongs to those who] kill and are killed fighting in Allah's cause" (Qur'an 9), then what's the difference between a "moderate" Muslim and an "extremist"?

(If you want to see a "nice" Muslim's head explode, mention Muhammad's genocide or pedophilia.)

The difference is only knowledge, zeal, courage, resources, opportunity, or methodology.

It's worth noting that Muhammad offered a progression of options to non-Muslims: The "invitation" to convert, then subjugation as dhimmis, then war. Lost on most of us in the West is that the jihad (literally, "struggle") against non-Muslims in establishing Allah's rule over all Mankind employs any means necessary, including, but not limited to, violence.

Demographics (birth rates and immigration), UN resolutions on blasphemy, "human rights councils," law suits, journalists' professional guidelines encouraging disinformation regarding Islam, propaganda, self-censorship, electoral victories, and bribery (cash and oil) are all non-violent means by which jihad advances in the West.

Western governments cower to and obfuscate for Islam. If you doubt that, then which Western political leader has told the truth about "The Great World Religion of Peace"? Even President Bush, who sent our military to war against jihad's agents, couldn't (or wouldn't) tell the truth about Islam. (Don't mention the "smartest president ever," B. Hussein Obama who, as a former Muslim enrolled in Qur'an classes for only the best students, who's describes the Muslim call to prayer the "prettiest sound on Earth," must remember a little of what the Religion of Death mandates.) Geert Wilders, the only major Western politician who's told the truth about Islam (citing its own texts and distinguishing carefully between the "religion" and its adherents), is being prosecuted for offending the most offensive, hateful, and vile ideology in the history of Man. And Rifqa Bary, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity, is being held in virtual isolation by the courts and may be sent back to the father who threatened to kill her for apostasy . . . in America.

Unless we in the West inform ourselves regarding Islam's texts, tenets, and timelines -- and choose leaders and policies accordingly -- our fate will be that of those societies which in former days fell under Islam's sword, never to rise again. You can kiss Western Civilization, the greatest human hope for Liberty in the history of Man, good-bye.


The Right To Exactly Re-publish The
Above Is Hereby Approved! - reb

Amillennialist said...



And, like the poor belabored Hindu, he does the best he kin do,

under serious threat, he publicly sccepts Islam...and declares himself a Muslim.

Then, a month later, states that he prefers his family traditions, what then?

Well, Muslims don't really like Apostates, so...


So, Watch Your Step, Rory!


Maggie M. Thornton said...

Well, this is some conversation. I'm exhausted LOL! Actually, there's nothing funny about it, is there? I think Warner's article is excellent.

When I think of the very nice Muslims that I have met, I feel certain that if their cleric, at their mosque, demands a jihad of whatever the type, and demands it long enough and strong enough, the Muslim will follow that order.

In America, I believe that most Muslims want no part of jihad...wants to avoid even the subject...but again, if Islam calls, they'll do what is expected of them.

Just my opinion.


There Are Times...when this editor is forced to respond to false publications.

Today, on Rory's Blog-Of-Blogs, January 27th, Mohamed Fadly planted the suggestion that the Israeli Team of 1st Responders in Haiti...with a fully staffed mobile hospital, plus search & rescue teams were there to harvest human organs!

Snake Hunters Response:

"Mohamed - The Questionable Veracity of Hate-Propaganda Exists Everywhere, and the cautious person reserves judgement, patiently waiting for verifiable information.

False prophets and silver-tongued
wily coyotes are well-stocked with fanciful stories to deceive eager and innocent seekers of truth. -

At age 21, you must be alert, and remain cautious before accepting the complex agendas of others. Look for the hidden motivation!

The mind is a sponge, and eager students soak up whatever is available, once he has been properly "conditioned" to accept outrageous things...

A moon that split in half, then reunites! Talking camels & trees, clay doves that suddenly come alive; these things are rightfully questioned.

The skeptical person is less likely to accept stories that have deep roots in fantasy." - reb