Friday, January 22, 2010

A second American Revolution

Massachusetts. What an appropriate place for it to begin!

Actually, public discontent has been building a long time, but it boiled over all around the nation last year, as evidenced by the numerous Tea Parties across the country, private citizens emasculating their elected officials in local events, and the huge political defeats for the Democrats in the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey.

Ironically (sadly? encouragingly!), Democratic reaction to their stunning humiliation last night portends even more intransigence in the push toward Socialism. President Obama explained away Brown's victory to people's being upset about not just the last couple of years, but the last eight years. In effect, Mr. Obama is crediting George W. Bush with putting Scott Brown in "Ted Kennedy's seat"! How's that for self-awareness!

(Senator-elect Brown's reply that the seat he sought to fill was not Kennedy's but "the People's seat" illustrates perfectly the chasm between our elected officials and us: Contrary to what they think, they work for us. We are not their slaves.)

It is true that without Republican malfeasance during much of President Bush's time in office (and his endorsement of it), there is no way B. Hussein Obama would have been elected president (his personal charisma, good looks, and skills notwithstanding).

While the awakening of the American people in defense of its Liberty is encouraging, it cannot stop now. It must continue until every self-aggrandizing, pompous, condescending tyrant who believes that We the People exist to provide him position -- rather than his position existing to protect our Rights -- is removed from office.

We the People must know and cherish those self-evident truths articulated powerfully in the Declaration of Independence, America's creed. We must understand and defend the principles of limited government and individual rights codified in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And we must keep ourselves informed of what the foxes are doing -- especially in the federal hen house -- since traditional media will not tell the truth about their co-ideologues in office.

We must elect honest men and women who will obey our Constitution and actually serve the People, not themselves.

Is it too much to hope that We the People not only can prevent a national euthanasia (Leftists like killing, except when it involves punishing criminals and terrorists; why do mass murderers have a greater right to life than babies, again?), but even roll back decades of Leftist usurpations of individual Liberty?

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Domestic "Violence" Hotline!

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Are Physically Abused by their
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Get Help ~ Call 911 ~ Report it

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The above article was written by Sir Amillennialist, an anonymous scholar of Middle Eastern Intrigue.

See Archives, May 27, 09 for his debate w/ Mohamed Fadly, a Sharia Law Professor.
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Anonymous said...

The above comment was written by a person who does not live in any type of evidenced based reality, such as an average man or woman on the street might recognize.

By this I mean that rational people look at facts and if there is a pattern, possibly arrive at a theory.

The person who wrote this comment has a world view and jams the facts into that world view, willy nilly.

Think about the following proposition: We Americans, of late, have been reluctant to consolidate power in one party. recently, every time that has occurred, the results have been less than optimal. Just look at how the GOP under George W. Bush screwed the pooch.

Occam's Razor. The simplest answer is probably correct. Sir Amillenialist has studied the Quran and the Bible in depth. Bravo.

If you think this gives him a good perspective on things, think again.

Breaking my silence in the probably futile hope that this blog might return to evidence based reality, I give my


The Loop Garoo Kid.


Edit this comment in any way and I will never be back


Well, The Loop Garoo Kid!

Do I detect a slightly hostile tone? Come On, Loop! We love your sagacity and rare wit, plus the corny humor.

Although your opinions of Glen Beck & Gov Sarah Palin suggest
a subtle political bias, there's
nothing objectionable there that offends me; each of us are different thumb-prints.

Joy Behar & Martha Stewart don't like Sarah either. Martha sez she's
"dull, boring & dangerous"! Yeah, but I guess she's eeking out a living with that book, 'Going Rogue'! Not just good-looking... she's been a commercial fisherman,
a big-game hunter, then Mayor of Wasilla, Governor of our Northern Frontier, bursting on the Political
Scene & scaring the Left & Right in D.C. And, she has a husband that
tolerates her spunk!

Wow, that ain't hate, it's ENVY!


Sir Amillennialist thinks you are funny too, so no problem there, Tony.

It's just those long-winded two-party, "chat-room episodes" that provokes a couple of warnings, followed by a deletion. Other than that, you are always welcome here,
and you know it. Welcome back, Loop Garoo; we've missed you, Laddie! - You can expect an occasional grump from me, I've passed the threshhold of middle-age; fightin' senility with every step; be 85 on Feb 11th, and still bloggin'- Match that, rascal!


Anonymous said...

That anonymous dude with the 'Hi Everybody' routine, and talking in code gets nowhere here without at least initials & a town. - reb


Atten: Loop Garoo!

As a prominent lawyer, you might be interested in an article I read
just minutes ago; tap my Links for Debbies > > RIGHT TRUTH and the Title:

"Legal Jihad Against Free Speech"

Might be a good one for you. - reb


Editor's Note:

My Egyptian friend Mohamed Fadly is always coaxing me to Read the
Holy Qur'an...(see Links)

and I do, as time permits.

I also read about Sunni, and those bellicose Shiite beliefs. Today I found this, among Andrew Bostom's blog:

"Is Shi'ism the Iranian Regime's Achilles Heel"?... On page 2
I read about > Najis, unclean things.

There are eleven listed: urine, excrement, sperm, blood, a dog, a pig, bones, a non-muslim man or woman, wine, beer, and (catch this one) prespiration of a camel that eats filth!
I thought about that, and I wondered -- Why would President Obama want to sit down to Negotitate a Peace Treaty...

with these idiots? - reb


To All Friends Of This Website...
that are a bit weary of "Mr. O's" daily speeches, and/or the Omnipresence of 24 hr Politics,

and would appreciate a refreshing splash of humor...

Go to our Links, tap Winfred Mann's
Jan 25th Post, "Hitler Finds Out!"

It only hurts when I laugh this hard! - reb

Maggie M. Thornton said...

I love the Hitler video. I think this is the 3rd one, and it is hilarious.

Even with GWB's mistakes (the worst of which was never vetoing any spending bill) Obama would not have been elected had the press told the country half of what we knew.

I hope that Republican leadership has learned the lesson that we want the core principles of conservatism to immerse deeply into the party. I'm not talking about anything referred to as "far right," but the principles we know must be adhered to to keep the country free.

At this point, there is so much that cannot be undone - going back to the 1800's when illegal immigration was sanctioned in a way, but as you said, we must not lose interest in doing all we can do.

Think how abolishing the IRS would boost this country. We need the Fair Tax. It would change the lives of even the poor. Just one idea with a huge impact (if we could keep the government from rehiring all those out of a job). Well, it's a dream I have.

"...cherish those self-evident truths"...yes, and I think many in America are more aware and thinking of those truths today.

BTW, I added you to my blogroll:-) Did you get the message about my commenting service?


Back to the deadly serious business...

Check out Debbie's > RIGHT TRUTH {Link} for > >

'Call To Action Against Sharia', Jan 25th
S/H Comment Sez...

"Politics is an "Adults Only" Poker Game, and the 'Progressives' are holding a king-high straight.

Our Freedom & Your Liberty is never more than one generation away from becoming extinct!" - reb

veteranoutrage said...

Loved your site
I think its better looking than mine..

aww i tried to go for a sleek modern look
not sure if i like it..

But i wanted to reply to your site
Love it..

My son is a us marine non combat for now..
I am ex army..
and i have had enough of the leftist bullshit

You keep up this good work
i think america is begining to wake up..

Now we must stand strong agaisnt the evil of the democrat left..



Vet Outrage, Welcome Aboard!

Noticed your link-up with Glenn Beck; a TV favorite with plenty of solid moxie, when he's not clowning around. I rate him as 'Most Informative' on the Tube.
Also Check Our Links for 'Right Truth', No-Slappz, Winfred Mann, Amillennialist & Mohamed Fadly...
great stuff...and even better, some serious Comments! - reb

Winfred Mann said...

The same people who trash our constitution and the ideals of our founding fathers also fail to recognize the threat of islam to the West.

I've posted a note from a fact based individual on my blog, regarding the horrors of islam. He's a primary source.

It would be wise for everyone to heed his words.




FlashPoint on Medicare >>

"Why Doctors Are Worried..."

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Amillennialist said...

Unsurprisingly, Tony objects to individual Liberty and the restraint of government tyranny by the "chains of the Constitution."

Shouldn't a firmly-held belief in both be the minimum requirement for a law license? elected office? citizenship?