Friday, December 10, 2010


Obama signed a presidential determination for $20-million to relocate Palestinians to the U.S. DS


(These are the images they show)

(These are the images they DON'T show)

Please help to show these pictures to the world.


This is where our Government wants to send millions of dollars to help them rebuild Gaza or is it to rearm?????

As these images make their way around the world. Palestinians (Hamas) are making their way into our country through the "back door"

Opened with the stroke of a pen by Executive Order.



Thinking Americans Would Like A Better World For All People, Everywhere.

But whereever we look, we see good and bad, right and wrong, positive and negative; an imperfect world.

Now, go back to these pictures, see these little kids, caught up in the evil notions of their parents. These strange types are determined to bring their ancient religious notions of worldwide domination to every nation on this earth. They are determined to either subdue, or slaughter anyone that chooses to disagree.

Focus on the little boy with bombs strapped to his belly. Print and enlarge that photo, then frame it for your family members; show it to your friends.

These people see us as vile non-believers, heathens & infidels that must be subdued, or slaughtered. If they should die during their struggle, they have been promised an incredible garden in the eternal hereafter. That's what the Holy Qur'an teaches.
Read the Qur'an.
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When our website posted 'Innocence Lost' {Nov 12th} on muslim 8-10 yr old child brides, it rec'd an immediate reponse from Graycrow (BlogOfBlogs)
from Wexford, Ireland...
"This article is noted" - Rory
On Nov 15th we recorded a lenghty one...
Mohamed said, "You're a disgusting person...(see paragraph) then "Shame on you, sick man."
On 'Poor Little Muslim Kids?' we see photos of Palestine's Children being instructed on automatic rifles, hand-grenades, and a grinning adult behind a youngster with 3 frag-bombs strapped to his belly.

Again, a quick response from two reprobate characters from BlogOfBlogs, one calling me a Fascist Snake****, and the other said "Good looking kids - which do you fancy?"

Nothing yet from Mohamed. - reb
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Two Newsworthy Items:

* Dec 9th - Ralph Nader, former Green Party Candidate said:
"Obama's a 'Con Man' with no fixed principles and he's opportunistic like Clinton."


* Dec 12th - Dan Friedman: "The negotiations between Israel and the 'Palestianians' were always futile and bound to fail, because what they want is not a state next to Israel, but a state in place of Israel, and one without any Jews in it at all."


Will there be a HappyNewYear in The MiddleEast in 2011? -- That's just a fanciful dream. - reb
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Debbie said...

You know the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words". It is so true here, no commentary needed.
Thanks for sharing.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. God has been so wonderful to us all.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

To bring children (sons and daughters) to the battlefield shows the depth of evil at hand. Children are gifts, not to be treated in this manner. They are to be loved, trained, and nurtured. We can only hope that Americans WAKE UP- feel this evil as it seeps within our borders. IT IS COMING. IT IS HERE. I see the evil in my own neighborhood. I feel the hate. I've been called brother by the enemy many times- I know the deception. These people wait, and multiply. History repeats itself. The informed understand. But the average American just stays tangled up in what is important to us- I wont list these things, but they just blind us from the truth. The evil is here, and growing. Convert or die--- Submit-- NO THANKS.. This blog tries to send the message- but who will hear-- NO, WHO WILL LISTEN???????? Static on the line, sorry all circuits are busy, lets just stay bound by our selfish, meaningless things. Its garbage. I implore each reader to open their eyes. Don’t be taken by surprise, by then it will be too late !!
Wally J



Editor's Note: The photos displayed in this posting indicate

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt..

That 'Believing Muslims' have been "conditioned" toward violence for 1400 years..with an ancient "holy book", and given the force of written law..Shari'a!

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