Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libya: Who's In Charge?

A Clear Message From The Oval Office -- Gadaffi Must Go! -- Good, now we have a Goal. Sec of State Hillary Clinton echoes Obama's opening statement. Then confusion, with chatter about "transition" of responsibility.

Is it NATO, or some odd-ball coalition..or the Pep Boys (the auto-parts guys), Manny, Mo & Jack, or perhaps The Three Stooges, Mo, Curly & Larry?

What's this business of "transition of leadership" of our military assets, after completion of Phase I ?

The White House says that French Prez Sarkozy, British PM David Cameron & Obama have agreed that NATO should play a "key role" in the future command structure.

Sec Hillary Clinton sez, "I'm very relaxed about it; we're moving in the right direction."

Then, France has misgivings about "handing over the baton" to NATO.

Turkey has blocked approval of NATO Operational Plans..."

So far, two Arab nations, UAE and QATAR  have committed 18 fighter jets, plus two transport aircraft.

Snake Hunter Concludes, "Crazy Gad.daffi is a known international criminal, and has recently threatened Benghazi, population 700,000, with an ominous "no pity, no mercy", as he moved his tanks in for an attack; French jets quickly destroy that operation. Good Show!

Phase I - March 19th - U.S. Navy ships fire 110 Tomahawks to take out Colonel Gadaffi's Air-Defence Capabilities, and establish the "no-fly" zone...so far, so good. March 20th, Day 2  - More Tomahawks land on Tripoli's Command & Control Center, as Gadaffi hides in some underground facility, talking to his loyal troops by telephone, stating "We Are Winning!"

This Irrational Profile, from > Mail Online Up-dated on March 31, 2009:
The Libyan leader was at an Arab gathering in Qatar, when he seized the microphone to denounce the Saudi King as "a liar." - He added that Abdullah was a 'British product and also an American ally'. For anyone that would like a humorous personal profile, there's two pages of irratic behavior where he said "I am the King of Kings, I am an international leader, the dean of Arab rulers, the king of kings of Africa, and the Imam of Muslims, and my international status does not allow me to descend to a lower level."

When he visited Paris in 2007, Gadaffi brought 30 blue-uniformed women as minders, all supposed virgins, and trained killers.

According to John Simpson of the BBC, this contempt also extends to journalists. He said Gadaffi has the unnerving habit of breaking wind loudly during interviews.


Editor's Conclusion: Stuff Happens... when unaware people elect an incompetent but charismatic junior senator, with no foreign affairs background or military savvy..to be our Commander-In-Chief..of the most powerful military force in human history, serious mistakes are inevitable.

To wrap up this report, there is still too little known about these so-called "rebels" that we seem anxious to defend. A prime example would be a rebel commander that fought against American forces in Afganistan; Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi, who claims to have commanded a force of 1000 men, and has led rebel units in the town of Bin Jawad. This Hakim al-Hasadi also admits to recruiting fighters for Iraq. Now folks, shouldn't we know a bit  more about this guy?

Here's the Bottom Line:

Last Night, President Obama said that NATO would Take Over Command & Control of the Battlefield on Wednesday, and that Our Military Assets would have a "limited supporting role". That Is Absurd!  This amounts to a ridiculous abdication of responsibility, and a betrayal. Our U.S. Army Generals, Our Navy Commanders must never be ordered to "transfer" authority to any foreign command/control paradigm...to NATO, or to any league, any other rag-tag coalition.

Not Ever! - reb
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Addendum: National Review Online, March 26, 2011 - Decoding Libya*
 * Sharia tells us how this story ends,  by Andrew C. McCarthy, author of
'The Grand Jihad - How Islam & The Left Sabotage America' - 5/28/2010