Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Libya: Who's In Charge?

A Clear Message From The Oval Office -- Gadaffi Must Go! -- Good, now we have a Goal. Sec of State Hillary Clinton echoes Obama's opening statement. Then confusion, with chatter about "transition" of responsibility.

Is it NATO, or some odd-ball coalition..or the Pep Boys (the auto-parts guys), Manny, Mo & Jack, or perhaps The Three Stooges, Mo, Curly & Larry?

What's this business of "transition of leadership" of our military assets, after completion of Phase I ?

The White House says that French Prez Sarkozy, British PM David Cameron & Obama have agreed that NATO should play a "key role" in the future command structure.

Sec Hillary Clinton sez, "I'm very relaxed about it; we're moving in the right direction."

Then, France has misgivings about "handing over the baton" to NATO.

Turkey has blocked approval of NATO Operational Plans..."

So far, two Arab nations, UAE and QATAR  have committed 18 fighter jets, plus two transport aircraft.

Snake Hunter Concludes, "Crazy Gad.daffi is a known international criminal, and has recently threatened Benghazi, population 700,000, with an ominous "no pity, no mercy", as he moved his tanks in for an attack; French jets quickly destroy that operation. Good Show!

Phase I - March 19th - U.S. Navy ships fire 110 Tomahawks to take out Colonel Gadaffi's Air-Defence Capabilities, and establish the "no-fly" zone...so far, so good. March 20th, Day 2  - More Tomahawks land on Tripoli's Command & Control Center, as Gadaffi hides in some underground facility, talking to his loyal troops by telephone, stating "We Are Winning!"

This Irrational Profile, from > Mail Online Up-dated on March 31, 2009:
The Libyan leader was at an Arab gathering in Qatar, when he seized the microphone to denounce the Saudi King as "a liar." - He added that Abdullah was a 'British product and also an American ally'. For anyone that would like a humorous personal profile, there's two pages of irratic behavior where he said "I am the King of Kings, I am an international leader, the dean of Arab rulers, the king of kings of Africa, and the Imam of Muslims, and my international status does not allow me to descend to a lower level."

When he visited Paris in 2007, Gadaffi brought 30 blue-uniformed women as minders, all supposed virgins, and trained killers.

According to John Simpson of the BBC, this contempt also extends to journalists. He said Gadaffi has the unnerving habit of breaking wind loudly during interviews.


Editor's Conclusion: Stuff Happens... when unaware people elect an incompetent but charismatic junior senator, with no foreign affairs background or military savvy..to be our Commander-In-Chief..of the most powerful military force in human history, serious mistakes are inevitable.

To wrap up this report, there is still too little known about these so-called "rebels" that we seem anxious to defend. A prime example would be a rebel commander that fought against American forces in Afganistan; Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi, who claims to have commanded a force of 1000 men, and has led rebel units in the town of Bin Jawad. This Hakim al-Hasadi also admits to recruiting fighters for Iraq. Now folks, shouldn't we know a bit  more about this guy?

Here's the Bottom Line:

Last Night, President Obama said that NATO would Take Over Command & Control of the Battlefield on Wednesday, and that Our Military Assets would have a "limited supporting role". That Is Absurd!  This amounts to a ridiculous abdication of responsibility, and a betrayal. Our U.S. Army Generals, Our Navy Commanders must never be ordered to "transfer" authority to any foreign command/control paradigm...to NATO, or to any league, any other rag-tag coalition.

Not Ever! - reb
___ ___

Addendum: National Review Online, March 26, 2011 - Decoding Libya*
 * Sharia tells us how this story ends,  by Andrew C. McCarthy, author of
'The Grand Jihad - How Islam & The Left Sabotage America' - 5/28/2010


no_slappz said...

The kindhearted words coming from Obama and Hillary about the future of Gaddafi give the impression the US is aiding and abetting this madman.

Obama was stunningly wrong to announce that we would NOT attempt to kill Gaddafi. Instead, he says our mission is to protect the Liyan civilians.

I get the feeling Obama would have made the same statement about US goals regarding Hitler in WWII. And the same statement about Osama bin Laden. And Saddam Hussein.

What happened to Wanted: Dead or Alive?

That aside, why help Gaddafi by telling him he can survive? Why help other tyrannical dictators by letting them know they too have little to fear from the US?

If we're not out to kill Gaddafi, the Assad in Syria and Ahmadinejad in Iran are certain to believe they too can kill their citizens to retain their power.

But, that's Obama, always missing opportunities.

Anonymous said...

Greybeard says:

It is yet to be determined whether these Libyan "rebels" that the administration is eager to defend are really freedom-fighters anxious for democracy, or just more of the weed garden variety
"soldiers of allah" in search of another victim. --

gba, northern california.



Syria's Assad: Just like his father, this Syrian dictator is about to experience a growing number of citizens that want an end to the iron-fisted rule that this nation experienced in 1982, when 15,000 protestors died. Also...the end of cooperation with Iran's Hezbullah in Lebanon, and their violence prone mullahs in Tehran.

___ ___


Libya and the Soros Doctrine...
See -- > Right Side News, 3/28/2011

This winding pathway will expose the remarkable effort of this evil genius, and his funding of the 'Global Center for Responsibility to Protect', the world's leading organization pushing Prez Obama's military involvement in Libya!

It has been reported that Samantha Power, our Nation Security Advisor, has "heavily influenced" Obama to bomb Libya.

The Plot thickens; Meet Hanan Ashrawi. Now, it emerges that Ashwari is an old pal of the PLO's
Yassar Arafat, and Arafat appointed her in 1991 to serve as his 'Minister of Higher Education'
and she also served recently on the committee that invented the R2P military doctrine used by Obama to justify our 200+ Tomahawk missiles that destroyed Libyan defense capabilities on March 19-20.

For those that would like to research this material, see this article:

'Soros, the PLO and Obama's Paths Cross in Libya'..March 29, 2011
WorldNetDaily...then -- >

"Another Stunner Behind Obama's Libya Doctrine".. by Aaron Klein.

{Print to file}

___ ___

Anonymous said...

Greybeard Says,


If anyone believes that President Obama is a courageous leader, serving this nation's interests in the middle east - They should don a paper.cone hat, and go stand in the corner.

Greybeard Al, Northern Calif.


Libya, March 31 - A major defection by Crazy Ga-daffi's white-haired Foreign Minister Mussa Kussa yesterday, when he flew from Tunisia to London.

This may be the first sign of a general crumbling among highly ranked people in Colonel Gadaffi's inner circle. If an army general is next to turn tail and run, it will signal the end of Gadaffi 42 yrs of another brutal regime in the Middle East.

Stay tuned for more defections.

___ ___

John Washburn said...

Who's in charge? No one knows. Not even President Obama can answer that question. A leaderless army, without a mission, no objective, no measure for success, no end points, no exit strategy, no plan for escalation or drawdown.

Only orders...from a man who has never led ANYTHING in his entire life.

I weep for our brave souls who wear the uniform.


NYTimes Headline - 'Anxiety Roils Libyan Capitol Amid Top-level Defections'

Tripoli, Libya - March 31, 2011

First it's Gadaffi's top diplomat, Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa to London on March 30th, and today another senior official, Ali Abdussalam el-Treki scoots to Cairo, Egypt.

It appears the rats are running down the anchor rope, sensing troubled waters ahead for Col. Gadaffi's Ship of State!

___ ___

Anonymous said...

It's nice to get a comment from Dr John Washburn. It's when average citizens are "too busy" to get involved, reading about George Soros' Open Society Institute, or understanding Islam's 1400 year continuum of wars, it is then we will see just what Dr. John's "When Evil Prospers" {blog} is about! Thanks John.

Just tap his name (above) or find the blog on our S/H link-page.

___ ___

Paul Champagne said...

Gaddafi needs to go.

It can't get much simpler than that.

Now that we have bloodied him, there is no way that he will behave if he is left as leader of Libya. Remember Lockerbie and Berlin?


Paul -This old 'venator serpens' appreciates your comment on this blog. This nation needs a "few more good men" like yourself to keep pounding away at the factual evidence..until its unaware citizens start paying attention to these evil snakes that build mosques and madrassa in Europe and North America.

How many more suicide bombers, and "honor killings", and 9/11's must we endure before our citizens come to alert status?

Our politicians quibble & fuss, and ignore reality, and tax us to the edge of bankrupty, and fail to protect our southern borders, and ignore C.A.I.R., and the creeping invasion of Islam?

The nuclear clock is ticking...

___ ___


Paul - This old 'venator serpens' appreciates your timely comment on this blog. Keep pounding away..with the fact-based evidence..never give up! Too many of our people are just "too busy" and unaware of the determination of this evil doctrine that has spread across Europe and North America in the last 20 years.

These people are not harmless Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons; these morons are dedicated killers!

How many have forgotten the 3,000 innocents that died on 9/11, or the suicide bombers detected on our passenger planes, or the recent "honor-killings'" in Buffalo, New York, or the taxi-driver that shot his two teenage daughters in Texas?

How many more "moderate imams" will be invited to our churches and universities to lecture us on peace & love, and "co-existance, and building bridges to understanding"...with Islam?

How many more mosques and madrassa will we see added to the 100 mosques already in New York City, or the 1800 spearheaded by C.A.I.R. in all 50 states?

See -- >


___ ___

Anonymous said...

Santiago Matamoros e-Mails this:

"Contrary to what the "experts" conclude, Obama's foreign policy is neither "a mystery, incoherent nor demented. It's treason."



Stealth Jihad, Anyone?

Training camps..what training camps?
{Use search engine}
Islamberg, New York - "You can hear the gunfire up there."

___ ___



Our Commander-In-Grief has finally made a decision..after two yrs of fumbling around..not to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammad in a civilian court in NYC! Instead, this killer of 3,000 innocents will face a military panel in Guantanimo, Cuba!


LIBYA - Geraldo Rivera, with some untrained, ill-equipped "rebels" on a lonely stretch of a 2-lane desert road, with a gutzy camera-man at his side, has himself filmed ducking intermittent hostile fire, as his bone-headed rebels waste ammo, firing their automatic weapons in the air!

Yep, that's... ' Geraldo, At Large '
There's really no logic to this magnitude of stupidity. - reb
___ ___

WomanHonorThyself said...

. when unaware people elect an incompetent but charismatic junior senator, with no foreign affairs background or military savvy..to be our Commander-In-Chief..of the most powerful military force in human history, serious mistakes are inevitable...brilliant piece.Bravo for this !


Libya: Who's In Charge Now? Well, shouldn't we be asking...


Is it Obama's new foreign affairs advisor, Samantha Power?

___ ___


All that's necessary to get an idea of precisely who is dictating
U.S. Foreign Policy in Libya..is to place a few names on your search engine with - > FRONTPAGEMAG...

* Samantha Power, International Crisis Group, a Soros Think Tank.

* Hillary, another Soros buddy.

* Susan Rice.


USMC Sniper said: "Marine missions are to kill people and break things, not babysit al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood. This is what you get when you put three post-menopausal hags in charge of foreign policy, and Prez Obozo says - no boots on the ground."

Anyone disagree?

___ ___


Glenn Beck Exits Fox!

Since my wife serves up a healthy
mixed/green salad loaded with chunks of ripe tomatoes, and soaked in a rasberry vinegarette,
I'm usually there at five to catch the Beck Show.

I like the rascal cuz he's not bashful, and he names the sleaze-balls..like George Soros and SEIU Union Boss Andrew Stern, et al.

FivePM is a terrific time-slot for those "too-busy" people that need some awareness & political saavy.

Beck's Replacement? - I would guess
either Lou Dobbs or..Judge Napolitano - capable men, tried & true. What say you? - reb
___ ___


NEWS BREAK: April 10, 2011

French Leadership Bans The Burkha
Well, here we see President Sarkozy with a legal maneuver to protect and defend his citizens. Imagine that!

The pragmatic reasoning behind this announcement is rather obvious; a male, or female terrorist hiding behind a half dozen yards of black cloth, moves into a crowded train station or shopping mall with an automatic weapon - and/or a frag bomb!
Allah's Apostle said: "I have become victorious with terror."
Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, #220
We can only hope that our own national security advisors are equally inclined to their duty.

A mandated reading of Jefferson's Preamble might help.

___ ___


Egypt: Now Who's In Charge?

Well, After the "great revolution" in Cairo's Tarir Square in February/March, it looks like The Muslim Brotherhood may be gaining a foothold with those proud Egyptian Army Generals. What a revolting development that would be! Consider this:

* According to CNN Cairo, 4/12, the "piety police" are checking young females with "virginity testing"

* Reports that the Egyptian Museum location was used to torture some protestors..see HumanRightsWatch

* Egyptian Blogger Maikel Nabil was sentenced to a 3 year prison term (no defence lawyer permitted).
The absence of lawyers violates the military code of justice, according to his lawyer Ramadan.

I suspect my blogger friend from Tanta, Egypt may have second thoughts about being proud of his "muslim style" democracy, and Mohamed knows that he's always welcome to give his opinion here on Snake Hunter's, or no-slappz, or Amillennialist blogs...where freedom of speech, of the press, and religion, plus freedom to peacefully assemble are guaranteed by Jefferson's great 1st Amendment.

It's fundamental legal principle here in the United States for over
200 years.

Let Freedom Ring!

___ ___


Libya Update:

Obama & Hillary at first said that Gad.daffi must go! That's great; we now had a clear official policy!

So, we're really showing some spunk. On March 19-20 we tossed 200Tomakawk missiles at Tripoli's air defence and communication network to establish Libya as a No-Fly Zone...then announce that we are backing off to a "support position" and let NATO and the 'Arab League' carry the ball!

What the hell...? This isn't Afganistan. Libya is a simple as it gets 2 to 3 week time span, a snap-shut operation of one armoured division and a couple battalions of infantry, and a few A-10s to snuff a few old tanks..and it's over; Col. Gad.daffi - a Footnote to History!

With this abject weakness at the top, the entire muslim population is convinced that they have nothing to fear from the U.S., and
can continue with "business as usual" terror and intimidation, and Iran can proceed with their nuclear plan to dominate the Middle East, and begin a planned Armeggedon to welcome their mythical Madhi Prophet.

Now, no muslim needs to fear that "Great Satan" from the West.

Today, we hear cries from Libya's rebels..."NATO isn't doing much to help us!" Oh, really?

This is what happens when immature leadership hands over primary military responibility, then orders a "measured response failure" such as we had in Vietnam with Lyndon Johnson and his Sec of Defense Robt McNamara, where 58,000fine troopers died in that Ten- Year "No-Win War".

History is repeating itself..
It's Disgusting!

___ ___

Black Sheep said...

86! Here I thought I was an old-timer blogger at 72. Goes to show.

Anyway, Libya... anything Obama is for, I'm against. He says he wants to cut $4 Trillion off the deficit. The deficit is the difference between what we make and what we overspend, so all you have to do to cut $4 trillion off the deficit is to increase taxes by $4 trillion. There you go. One deficit reduction.

When he wanted to go into Libya, I figured right off that he wants Sharia-Law types to take over. There snakes loose in there, he wants a handle on that oil and seems to believe that the Islamic Brotherhood will give it to him. Maybe they will but Arab Muslims are natural-born snakes, taqiyya is always part of the deal with anyone. Obama is so well practiced at deception, how could anyone doubt he's a Muslim?

Thanks for the visit, keep on keeping on.


Thanks, Sir Black Sheep. I do what I can..with what I have left.

All new visitors are encouraged to
check out my link-page for two authors; no-slappz has a new book,
'Grand Jihad- howislamandtheleft Sabotage America', and the other author is Dr. John Washburn with 'When Evil Prospers'
Later, my friend. If you'd like to comment, these two gents have great material for wide open discussion. (I found Black Sheep on Debbie's RightTruth.)

___ ___


Libya - April 14th

Those 200 Tomahawks on March 19-20 were deadly accurate...
Now, the French & British are scratching their heads wondering...

Where the hell are those "close support" A-10's and AC-130's with gattling-gun 'ground-sweeper' crews? Gadaffi's 2nd rate troops and mercenaries are raising hell all over the place out here!

Even Geraldo Rivera has abandoned us!

Well fellahs, you better just call Prez O-Bla-bla's Complaint Dept, and be polite...and tell 'em you need some serious help, cuz Col. Ga.daffi has been seen out in the open, riding up and down the boulevards...in a shiny open-top car, waving his arms, and pumping up cheering crowds..like he's a national hero! He ain't hiding any more. Did he call our commander-in-chief.. a bozo? Or was it O-BOZO?

Didn't The American President say weeks ago that goofy Gadaffi "Must Go!" and that NATO and the 'Arab League' would be responsible?

Yeah, Sure.

___ ___


Note to an anxious anonymous person
that sent this moments ago...

"Plz stop sending comments on the blog, you cannot imagine the danger I face..just reading your comments..."
Dear Anxious: Simple solution--> please stop reading this blog, and everything will be just fine. Editor
___ ___


Libya, April 14th, Reuters

Obama says Libya in stalemate, but "Gaddafi will go" by Mussab Al-Khahairalla

Really...did Joe Biden wake up to verify that? Or, a friend in Chicago, or is Hillary still pulling yer leg, again?

Don't you remember, you and Hiily turned Libya over to NATO and the 22 members of the Arab League. That was only 3 week ago, smiley.

Please get the hell out of Iraq, Afganistan AND Libya, Mr. O-bla-bla..until we can get a competent administrator in the White House..and before The Donald's Investigators expose your nonsense to the Fox News-casters.

Your con is wearing thin, sir. - reb
___ ___


A couple hundred protestors slaughtered in Syria when they try
to get Assad removed. So he moves his Hezbullah thugs into Damascus from Lebanon to do his dirty work for him.

Other killings in Yemen, and Ga.daffi's Mercenaries are shooting easy targets in Misrata.

I guess there's no jews or christians around, so it's Muslim on muslim, butchering each other.

Nothing new about that. - reb
___ ___


LIBYA - U.S. Failed Policy against Tripoly is becoming more obvious as each day passes; The stated gold was clear enough...'Ga.daffi Must Go'.

Now, a month into this mini-war, this strutting dictator and his son are still there, and Obama is now reasserting his leadership role by finally approving Predator Drones with accurate hellfire missiles to hit targets in Misurata on April 22nd.

A Month Too Late!

Why weren't these hellfire strikes ordered weeks before, and during the 120 Tomahawks that were launched by our naval attack on Libya's Anti- Aircraft Defenses on March 19th, when Gadaffi was still out in the open, giving pep-rallies?

Answer: Milktoast President Obama & Hillary wanted NATO and the Arab League to assume "primary responsibility" for this conflict, and the U.S. to have a "supporting role".


___ ___


Timeline: April 26, 2011

SYRIA - Hundreds of protestors die in the streets of Damascus as - Obama's Policy of Weakness - becomes obvious when Sec. Clinton echoed Obama's view that Bashar al-Assad is a "reformer" rather than a killer sock-puppet for Hezbullah and IRAN. Obama wants to "negotiate" with these people.

Our insane policy now appears to favor the Shiite Madhi Government over the majority Sunni.

That's a huge mistake!

___ ___


Aljazeera.net reports that...


...but fails to give a body-count of the protestors hoping to oust Bashar al- Assad from power.

Who can you trust in the
Mainstream Media?

___ ___



Well, I go to CNN for the war in Libya, and FOX with Britt Hume & Shepard Smith for National and World News,

And O'Reilly and Glenn Beck for in-depth commentary on the radical left wing that's bankrupting this nation.

Q. Is Glenn Beck a Big Liar? Well, he names the biggies, like SEIU Union Boss Andrew Stern, tied to corrupt A.C.O.R.N., and thugs like William Ayers, Tony Resco, and Black Lib preachers like Reverands Jeremiah Wright & Obama's new Pastor, Rev Wallace Charles Smith, Shiloh Baptist in Washington D.C.
I suspect these two pious-poopers
just hate jews and "whitey". What do you think?

And today, Beck spoke about the
Mexican Drug Wars since 2006 killing 35,000 people! Is that a terror tactic of fear, borrowed from Islam's Holy Book:

Allah's Apostle said: "I have become victorious with terror."
Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, 220

Beck sez: New mass graves, and road blocks to kill innocent citizens with...Sledge Hammers! instead of guns!

I never see that on CNN, or ABC.

Beck repeatedly goes after the world's infamous International Monster-Man George Soros that is always very generous with Democratic Nominees for the U.S. House & Senate. (Also, he spends some time wooing the Latino voter, and La Raza.) The old slick!


Makes ya kinda wonder, doesn't it?

___ ___


Governor Mitt Romney:

"I remember when Prez Ronald Reagan hung the 'Misery Index' around Jimmy Carter's neck...
Now, we conservatives must hang that "misery index" around President Obama's neck."
___ ___



Democracy Virus Invades The Middle East!

* Bahrain - Are The Monarchy's Days Numbered?

* Syria - Assad Seems Confused At Determined Protests...hundreds die.

* Cairo - Will Muslim Brotherhood Rule Egypt's Army Generals?

* Saudi King Frets About Iran's Nukes!

* Libya - Who Are These Rebels?

* Yemen - Is This Al Queda's New Headquarters?

* U.S.A. 2012 - Will Politics Stifle Energy Independence...or will we dump Obama's goofy notions about Wind - Solar - Plug-in Cars, and tap our own proven & abundant energy resources to "break the back" of the OPEC Stranglehold?

___ ___


Editor's Note:

April 28, Charles Krauthammer said:

"I would suggest that "leading from behind" is a verdict on Obama's fitness for leadership. Leading from behind is not leading. It is abdicating."


Editor's Note, May 14th

from France, Italy & the U.S.
to beat Col. Gadaffi, and create a
new, "moderate" government.

Well, when Libyan "rebels" are willing to issue Oil Vouchers tied to $40 per barrel, with guaranteed delivery dates, let's talk!

___ ___


May 15th

Col. Ga.daffi is still a problen in Libya, and Syrian invaders posing as "palestinian protestors"
and rock-throwers keep the pot boiling.

The Israeli IDF is aware of this trickery, and confronts them with deadly force. - reb
___ ___


June 18, 2011

Well, it's been three months since our U.S. Navy fired 200 Tomahawk Missiles on March 19th and 20th at Colonel Gadaffi's shore batteries and Tripoli's Command & Control HdQuarters, then we backed off to let the NATO Alliance assume control. Remember that "no-fly zone"? Well, Goofy Ca.daffi is still around killing his fellow muslims.

Imagine that. - reb
--- ---


Libya, Sunday - Aug 21, 2011

Rag-tag Rebels enter Tripoli, capture Gadaffi's son. Next, the rebels will demand that crazy Gadaffi surrender or leave the country now, or they will have a public hanging, or... they'll cut the son's head off (on TV).

The end game is near.

What's next for Libya? Well, they
will have a simple choice:

* A Secular/Military Dictatorship
* A Religious Grand Ayatollah-type Dictatorship, with Sharia Law. reb
___ ___


August 24 Update:

* Masss Graves in Sudan

* Turks killing Kurds

* Syria: Bashar Assad kills protestors

* Iran close to nuclear capability
for "peaceful purposes" of course.

* Libya: Journalists Free after 5 days as hostages; Crazy Ca.daffi & his sons in hiding underground.


Question: Is this a strange religion... What's your opinion?

___ ___


Breaking News, Oct 20th, 2011

Moanmmar Gadaffi, Libya's Vicious Dictator of 42 yrs Is Dead!

Rebel forces found this scum-bag hiding in a concrete sewer channel, and put a slug in his head from a 9mm hand-gun.

Now we can say that crazy Gadaffi and his playboy son Saif, are on their way to Allah's perpetual garden in the sky!

Question: What now? Will our State Department do what's necessary to ensure a more stable Secular Governance...or will we allow Al Queda and/or Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to control the emerging power-structure in Libya?


For a more complete perspective of recent events, see S/H's Recent Posts...

* Open Letter To Obama

* Time To Impeach, by Marshall Frank

* Weiner's Wife, Hillary Factotum...

* What Really Happened Behind Closed Doors...


Be Aware, Remain Vigilant, Rely On The Fact-Based Evidence.

___ ___


See: S/H Oct 20th Comment re what might happen now that Gahdaffi and playboy son are dead.
Here's today's latest excepts from Dan Friedman's Top-Copy:

{In the Islamic world nature fills a power vacuum with - you guessed it - Islam! df}

Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the chairman of the National Transitional Council and de facto president, has already declared that Libyan Laws in the future would have Sharia, the Islamic code, as it's "basic source".

{Mr. Obama, how can we ever thank you? df}

Dan Friedman - NYC
___ ___


Gaddafi, and son Moutasssem buried at night in a secret place in the desert...AAP
Herald Sun reports Gaddafi's playboy son Seif al-Arab Kadhafi heralded as a hero at an intersection in the Al-Hani area of Tripoli, with shouts of "Allahu Akbar!" heard among the excitable crowd.

See: Official JANA News Agency for more details.

So ends the bloody dictatorship of
another muslim tyrant.
___ ___


The capture of Saif al-Islam, the playboy son of dictator Moanmar Gaddafi is the final chapter of that old brutal regime yesterday.

It's anyone guess if the new governance will be secular, or guided by the muslim brotherhood,
and sharia dominance.

___ ___