Sunday, October 09, 2011



Sir, Did you know that the Pentagon has warned your people that IRAN is waiting for you to pull All of our troops out of IRAQ? ...and there's an al-Queda Leader there with a $10 Million Dollar Bounty..Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri, a.k.a. Abu Du'a.

I think you need to listen to Mitt Romney and Herman Cain when they say you need some business experience.

And, please tell your hippy friends to stop their Wall Street Protests. Not good P.R. sir. Oh yes, please..No more daily speeches on my T.V.

I believe you were correct..when you said the republicans are the "Party of No"

1. No to Dodd/Frank FannieMae/FreddieMac "sub-prime bank loans"

2. No to that ill-conceived Obama Health Care Plan

3. No to Mandated Nation-wide Health Insurance

4. No to another failed 'Stimulus Package' (the tax-payers are getting nervous.)

5. No to "Fast & Furious" Guns for Mexico's Drug Lords -- Replace Eric Holder.

6. No to falsely labelling Tea Party folks as "Racists"

7. No more giving "pep talks' to returning combat get the military vote.

8. No more "cold shoulder treatment" for Israeli P.M. Netanyahu, (he's a friendly).

9. No more telling foreigners that we are an arrogant nation.

10. No more Wall Street Protests; tell your goofy friends that we really need those INVESTORS to create JOBS!

11. No more White House Visits for George Soros & SEIU Union Boss Andrew Stern, and tell G/E Jeffrey Immelt to stop shipping his High-Tech Info to CHINA !!

12. Order Hillary dump her friend Huma Abedin Weiner - it's well known that Huma, her Mom & Brother have solid ties to the notorious MUSLIM Brotherhood!

Thanks for your attention, Mr President...and do tell your "Acting President Valerie Jarrett" that the old snake-hunter said hello. - Cordially, --- reb

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FLASHBACK to October, 2007

Hillary Clinton was a gold-plated cinch to get the Democratic nomination...

On Feb 1st '08 uncle Georgie Soros and Teddy & Caroline Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama, and
Hilly wilted like a cut rose!

On the republican side, Rudy Guliani and Fred Thompson took an early lead, then faded in the stretch to McCain/Palin.
We can all laminate this for our wallets...

Life is a lot like
A roll of toilet paper
The closer we get to the end
The faster it goes.
So, do what I do? Stay alert, be vigilant, and enjoy the hell out of it!

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