Thursday, December 01, 2011

Cherish the Child Foundation

On October 28th, 2011, Glenn Beck, a controversial Tv commentator, was invited to appear at a benefit for 'Cherish The Child Foundation', a Smoky Mountain Shelter For Abused Kids.

The evening program began with a half dozen musical renditions by "Voices of Lee", a very talented group of 16 young folks from University of Virginia, followed by Glenn Beck, who spoke passionately in behalf of these innocent children, terribly victimized by irresponsible parents and guardians. Mr. Beck spoke for 90 minutes, and he began by briefly explaining his own troubled youth;

This sensitive and detailed presentation provided the audience with a totally new perspective on the true nature of this complex gentleman, Glenn Beck.


The Message: Many thousands of children across our nation are in serious peril; many suffer from both physical and psychological damage from severe beatings, sexual assaults, etc, and over 7,000 each year will average of five each day.

IF YOU.. Are Moved To Help with a Donation, here's a direct line to Smoky Mountain Children's Home, Call 1-865-453-4644
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