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By Marshall Frank

< APRIL 1st/>We all know that politics is corrupt on both sides of the aisle, it’s the nature of the beast.
Much ado has been made about the support – political and financial — that Barack Obama receives from some of the richest moguls in America, particularly George Soros and Warren Buffett. I thought it worthwhile to explore and see what other connections there are between these friends, other than a gushing love and support for Obama’s policies.
Our president has been stonewalling every question and every demand from Americans in regards to the vast surplus of oil riches that are at our disposal not only in the gulf, but the central regions of the U.S., the Canadian pipeline and Anwar region of Alaska. If we aggressively pursued drilling and refining here in the U.S., we would not only be putting many thousands of Americans to work, the benefits are enormous otherwise. This is not only a long range plan for keeping gas affordable, it’s about cutting ties with countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela who hate us and hate many of our allies. More than gasoline cost, it’s a matter of national security that we should owe these nations no favors and no money. Certainly, no bows.
Obama billionaire backer, George Soros, is the owner of Brazilian oil giant: Petrobras. We know that Mr. Obama made a trip to Brazil in March of 2011 where he met with politicians and business owners to discuss, among other things, the global oil production situation. Brazil is a country with vast oil reserves.
The end result of all this is that the Petrobras Oil Company, a'la, George Soros, now has a presence in – of all places — the Gulf of Mexico, for the purpose of drilling with Obama’s blessing. And, the United States is entering into an agreement to purchase oil from Brazil, of all things. Dare we not ask why American rigs and American employees are still banned from the gulf drilling process, while Mr. Soros’ company has Carte Blanche? I’m sure there is more to the story, but the basics are simple.
Quid pro quo.
Doesn’t it make you wonder how many other deals are made, not in the best interests of American taxpayers, rather the best interests of power brokers?
Moving on. The energy thrust toward wind power sounds benign enough. We all agree it would be good to have alternative sources for powering vehicles and electricity.
Notice how the Obama administration is often diverting media attention from our dependence on oil to the search for better ways to capture energy, like algae, tune-ups, better tire inflation, and more logically, solar and wind. But no matter the solar and wind, we are going to continue being dependent on oil for at least another century.
We all recognize the smiling grandpa face of Warren Buffett, a strong supporter of Barack Obama, who has often blathered to the American people that he, a multi-billionaire, pays less in taxes than his secretary and supports the administraion’s mantra that the rich should be paying more to, well — spread the wealth. Echos of Obama.
Is this Buffett connection to Obama altruistic? Doubtful.
Mr. Buffett is the predominant owner of two companies that are in the process of manufacturing, buying and installing hundreds of wind turbines. Huge turbines, the blade of which span more than half a football field and rise twenty stories high.
I recently enjoyed a social lunch with new friends, one of whom was a technical contractor working on these very turbines. According to him, who shall remain unnamed, Buffett has just purchased another 250 of the turbines for installation, at a cost of $6 million each. Good news for Buffett, bad news for the workers who might have been drilling for oil in America. Meanwhile, Buffett’s back is scratched, and vise versa.
Quid pro quo.
Then there is the Energy Department’s (Obama’s) approval of $1 billion in new loans to green energy companies, which includes a $737 million loan to SolarReserve LLC, an energy developer slated to build a solar-thermal project in Nevada. One of their investment partners is PCG Clean Energy & Technology Fund. Second in charge of that company is San Francisco political insider, Ronald Pelosi, who happens to be the brother-in-law of Nancy Pelosi.
So many dots to connect, so little time.
Remember, for every barrel of oil we don’t retrieve in North America, that’s another barrel we have to buy from Saudi Arabia, a Wahhabi country who is saturating our universities, prisons and government with Islamic propaganda with sights set on future settlements. Keeping us focused on Buffett’s wind and Soros’ Brazilian oil, keeps us dependent overseas. And that’s a bad thing.
Wonder how many other back stories there are out there.
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For far too long this great nation has been partially dependent on outside sources to help fill our industrial complex needs for petroleum products, esp. Oil, Deisel and Gasoline.

With new technologies, we are about to enter a new age of self-reliance, and the old E.P.A. regulations must be set aside.

We have abundant Oil and Natural Gas right here in North America, enough to last us 150 years,
to set a course for full employment
and regain our position of respect among nations, and prosperity for this nation, and the only thing lacking is a new brand of leadership in Congress, with "term limits"... and a new business orientied face in the Oval Office to replace Socialist/Progressive notions set in motion by billionaires like George Soros, Warren Buffett, Progressive Insurance man Peter Lewis, and GE
Boss Jeffrey Immelt.

We must change that situation in about seven months, on November 6th, now that we have a more aware and informed electorate.

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Anonymous said...


PetroChina Overtakes ExxonMobil In Oil Production, March 29, 2012 by Agence France-Presse

State-owned PetroChina has overtaken ExxonMobil as the world's biggest publicly traded producer of oil, according to figures provided by the Hong Kong-listed firm on Thursday,


Next we'll no doubt hear from B.H. Obama and his V.P. Joe Biden prattling again that we must tax these big, bad oil giants that are recording "excess profits" and nust start paying "their fair share"....

This Administration just can't seem to understand that "PROFITS" are a good thing, that provide Full Employment, AND LESS DEPENDENCE ON UNEMPLOYMENT CHECKS & FOOD STAMPS!

FACT: The U.S.A. currently has the world's largest corporate tax rate on our u.s. corporations, and that is.... Not Good. - reb
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Anonymous said...

Snopes tried to pooh-pooh the Obama-Soros-Petrobras $2B loan connection, but this link covers the facts & the loan guarantee was actually worse ($10B) than the limited publicity that leaked out at the time:
A testament to crony capitalism. Oliver Springs Billy


Billy ~ Thanks for the "Link". We've suspected Snopes of political bias for some time.

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