Friday, August 16, 2013


by Marshall Frank


The secular Islamic world is rising up against strict Sharia Law.

Keep your eyes on Egypt and Turkey.

I have often written, that the majority of Muslims in the world are peaceful, only interested in living their lives like all human beings, with love, peace and respect for others. But the minority of Muslim Jihad supporters, who make up a huge force to reckon with around the globe, are indoctrinated with the belief it is their duty to Allah to conquer all civilizations with Islam, as the Prophet Mohammed declared before his death. According to most Islamic Jihad scholars, (Pipes, Spencer, Horowitz, Emerson, etc.) the percentage of Muslims who are indoctrinated with a Jihad frame of mind, would total only about 15% of their population. The only problem is that 15 % of 1.4 billion people is 210 million people. That’s a helluvan enemy.

(Jihadists are those who support Islamic supremacism and the march toward global conquest, whether through violence or stealth infiltration)

Until the over throw of Mubarek, Egypt was basically a majority secular Muslim state, allowing and protecting Christians and Jews, acknowledging the right of Israel to exist and an ally of the west. Then came the “Arab Spring” which so many misty-eyed liberal people thought was a good thing. They didn’t look past their noses, because it soon became obvious that the “Arab Spring” protests were nothing more than a deceptive ploy to install the Muslim Brotherhood into power, not only in Egypt but other countries of the middle-east and North Africa, Libya, Tunisia and Syria included.

And, it worked. Until now.

The Egyptian people are rising up. They know that living under strict Sharia – which is the cornerstone of the Muslim Brotherhood – brings a state of subjugation and/or slavery to women and harsh, fearful laws that include the death penalty for homosexuality and apostasy. Other religions, i.e. Christianity and Judaism, are no longer welcome in Egypt since the MB rose to power.

Conquest by the Muslim Brotherhood will eventually bring a fascist ideology to any country under the yoke of Islamist domination.

The USA Today (June 30, 2013) reported that 22 million Egyptians have signed a petition calling for the removal of Mohammed Morsi. Twenty-two million! And vast protests by anti-Morsi/anti-Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians – by the millions – have assembled in record numbers in cities all over the country.

While we hear little of this in the media, this is a booming rejection of Sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood by the people of Egypt. Since late last year, violent protests have been waged throughout various cities in Egypt, each demanding change from the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. As usual, the media sanitizes the impact of these protests by calling the “soccer riots,” but the truth is that the majority of the Egyptian people are begging to remain a secular state — which will not happen under the Muslim Brotherhood. In the Egyptian elections a year ago, sixty percent of voters elected the secular opposition, though Morsi still rose to power.

Meanwhile, our president is showing his true colors. He was fast to call for the removal of Mubarak 2 ½ years ago in response to the “Arab Spring” protests. But he is not so fast to acknowledge the will of the Egyptian people today. Instead, Barack Obama is staunchly supporting Mohammed Morsi, i.e the Muslim Brotherhood – the avowed enemy of the United States. Through his appointed ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, the U.S. government has told Egyptian Christians to refrain from protesting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Huh? Our president is telling another country’s people when they can and cannot protest a government?

Not only that, it appears U.S. troops are on-the-ready to be deployed to Egypt to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in quelling the uprisings sometime in July. (According to report in Jihad Watch, by Robert Spencer, based on his sources at See article below) Egyptian citizens, fearful of the Muslim Brotherhood, are expressing their disdain at the U.S. support for Morsi and the MB with chants and signs calling Barack Obama a supporter of terrorism. The love affair with Islam that began in the beginning of his first term is crumbling. It appears the secular Islamic world sees through the facade and want no part of strict Sharia.

Hillary Clinton is held with equal disdain as her motorcade was pelted with stones, tomatoes and water bottles in July of 2012. And recent signs by protesters have been raised with unloving messages to the former Secretary of State. What happened to all those great relations promised by Barack Obama? What about that peaceful world by the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize? How’s foreign relations going since Barack Obama has been in office?

If, in fact, President Barack Obama and his team are in support of the Muslim Brotherhood, which appears obvious, America is in dire straits. Why? Because the MB has vowed to conquer the west. That’s in writing!

Switch focus to Turkey. Plenty of protests there. They are going through the same struggle. Don’t be fooled by the media and the U.S. propaganda machine. The people of Turkey are protesting to remain secular state, rejecting the imposition of Sharia laws as it appears the present Turkish regime is leaning toward. Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood was originally formed in 1928 to re-establish the Ottoman caliphate that crumbled in Turkey after WW I. But that’s for another article.

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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Obama and the media: All in the family

by Marshall Frank

Ever since the anchors of three major networks traveled with candidate Senator Obama during his campaign in Europe in 2008, it became crystal clear which political direction the news media was leaning. Add to that, the fact that None – that’s Zero – of the major network anchors traveled with Sen. McCain during similar trips, which speaks loudly which way the media would be slanting anything and everything that had to do with Barak Obama.

It proved to be true. For five years, the major news networks have been complicit in minimizing any of the scandals concerning Obama, to the point of allowing other less important issues to take the forefront. You see, we are not only swayed by what and how the media chooses to report news, we are also swayed by what they do not report.

Now, through a blast of e-mails from fellow Americans, I’ve learned how blatant the relationship between media and the Obama administration really is. Check out the existing marriages between the two:

CBS: David Rhodes is the president of CBS. Benjamin Rhodes is his brother. He is also the deputy national security advisor for strategic communication, and a speechwriter for Barack Obama. He wrote Obama’s famous Cairo speech in 2009, and wrote many of the Benghazi talking points, to mention a couple. It is unimaginable that CBS, considering this current marriage, would report anything that was negative about the Obama administration, unless their backs were against the wall.

ABC: Ben Sherwood is the president of ABC News. Whaddaya know. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, his sister, is actively employed as special national security advisor to President Obama and senior coordinator for defense policy. She has a direct influence on White Hoouse talking points concerning Benghazi.

ABC: Claire Shipman, ABC News contributor, is married to Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary.

CNN: Virginia Mosely, senior executive and bureau chief with CNN, (formerly 18 years with ABC) is married to Tom Nides, who – until he resigned in February of this year, was Deputy Secretary of State for Management Resources under Hillary Clinton

NPR: Ari Shapiro, is the White House Correspondent for NPR. Michael Gottlieb, a lawyer, is her husband – and – he is employed as White House Counsel.

NBC/MSNBC: While I found no siblings or spouses linked between Obama and the media here, I rest my case as follows: Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris (Leg Thrill) Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Lawrence O’Dennell, et al.

Rest assured, the news media is a toxic agent for mind-manipulation. That is, if we allow it.

Is there anyone dumb enough to claim that these news agencies would remain totally neutral and independent in their reporting practices? That we can rely on our mainstream media systems to be unbiased and informative about all matters relating to the president, regardless if they are damaging or not? Are we supposed to believe that the spouses and brothers of people working in tandem between the political inside and the media outside are independent of each other?


The democrats way outsmarted the republicans when it came to imagery formed by the news media. Republicans put their eggs in one basket (FOX) while the remainder of the mainstream cabal continually make the president look good, no matter how bad he should look. And that’s what sways voters.

Must hand it to the Obama team, they knew going into the race in 2008, that luring the news networks would translate to what would and would not be covered, and how, with a mission to ensure the president’s image remained clean and spiffy.

Keep them in the family.

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Friday, August 02, 2013


by Marshall Frank

The Anthony Weiner fiasco is a good example of why this nation is in such bad shape. We keep electing the cream of the crap.

The problem is not about democrats and republicans, rich vs poor, men vs women, black vs white. It’s about the dumbness of voters who don’t care about integrity of public officials. Rather, what’s more important are the freebees that candidates will give out in exchange for votes. It doesn’t matter if a politician can look into the eyes of Americans regurgitating one lie after another. What matters is if there are enough voters who don’t care about lying and deceiving. It’s mind boggling.

When a public official deliberately lies to the public, whether personal or politically based, he unveils a sociopathic personality disorder. Sociopaths feel no sense of guilt or responsibility, regardless the subject matter. A sociopath is someone who will say anything that benefits his agenda, truth be damned and feel no guilt or remorse or responsibility. Most career criminals are sociopaths. They are the kind of people who should never be trusted with public service with access to sensitive information or to whom we instill trust of our tax dollars.

When first caught with his vile actions on the Internet, Weiner told one lie after another trying to deflect responsibility, even claiming that his account was being hacked. It was not until the evidence was clear and made public that he had to come clean. But he still had the chutzpah to run again, thinking stupid people won’t care about sleaze. That’s what he thinks of all New Yorkers. He thinks they’re stupid.

It is an audacious insult to America, not only from the person who runs, but from the people who vote for him. Yet we pass it off like it’s politically normal.

Weiner is motivated by his enormous ego, his infactuation with power and his wife, Huma Abedin, none of which is a good reason to elect him into a powerful office.

Now, Weiner is being careful about choosing his words because he knows the Internet is the blue dress that will catch him in more lies. But – and get this – he is still one of the leaders in the polls. Amazingly, people by the thousands are prepared to elect this sleazebag even though he has Internet sex with multiple women, regardless of his marriage and of his political constituency.

Politicians who can openly lie to the American people should be banned or removed from holding public office. Why? Because it is proof they cannot be trusted with our laws, our tax money or our national security. How ignorant can we be?

Bill Clinton? Mark Sandford? Marion Barry? Hank Johnson? Elliot Spitzer? And so many more, all political hacks who have lied to America until their backs were against the wall. Then they had the nerve to run again or remain in office as though it didn’t matter. Meanwhile, the jury is still out on a number of other scandals, including the Benghazi cabal of high level politicians.

Actually it’s not their fault. It’s the fault of voters.

Spare me the excuse that lying is not illegal. It’s just as bad to be immoral as it is illegal. It’s time that we establish standards for holding office for all candidates, such as:

You knowingly lie, you’re out.
You conduct yourself immorally, you’re out.
You accept favors for favors, you’re out.
America dumped President Richard Nixon in 1974, mainly for being a notorious liar. Too bad it didn’t catch on.

The curious question is why Weiner’s wife who so dutifully and publicly stands by her man, no matter his sleaze. What kind of woman would tolerate the repeated disloyalty, the public humiliation and the utter violations of his vows after barely three years of marriage?

That will be answered in the next blog. Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 01, 2013


by Marshall Frank

Part II – The Weiner Fiasco.

My last blog spoke about the sleaze of Anthony Weiner, his propensity for lewd behavior and the idiocy of New York City citizens who would waste a ballot for any man who boldly lies to Americans thinking there are enough people who will drink the Kool-Aid.

But there’s another serious question regarding the Weiner affair – why does Huma Abedin, his wife of only three years, continues to stand by her man a la Hillary Clinton, circa 1992 and 1997.

Despite her husband’s repeated affairs, Hillary held on to Bill Clinton’s coattails from his Arkansas days through his unfaithful presidency because he was her ticket to becoming a first female as president. While Americans dismissed Bill Clinton’s notorious lies and sexual improprieties as unimportant, so did she. She tolerated public humiliation and embarrassment for the greater good. Most folks believe that her motive was political based, otherwise she would have ended the marriage in a heartbeat.

People are saying the same about Huma Abedin, that her reason for standing by her husband is political so she can remain active in a quasi-position of power, soaking up the public admiration. After all, why else would a new wife, in the public eye, remain loyal to a sleazeball who takes pictures of his penis and displays them to strangers on line, then continues to engage in cyber sex with a myriad of young women long after he had apologized and promised to discontinue the behavior.

This is not a Hillary moment. It goes far deeper. Connecting dots tells us there is more to this story. To comprehend, readers must understand Huma Abedin. Consider these bullet points, which sum up the woman in a few short words:

Huma Abedin was born in America, but raised from age two and educated under strict Wahabbi Islam in Saudi Arabia until she reached college age. Her entire childhood orientation is marinated in Islamic extremism.
She remains a devout Muslim.
Her brother, mother and father were/are each closely aligned to the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamist organization with designs on conquest of western civilizations “from within.” (their language)

Huma Abedin was a high ranking member of the Muslim Student’s Association (MSA) at Georgetown University. That organization was spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood to establish a foothold in America’s education system. It denounces America and supports jihad.
Part of the Muslim Brotherhood manifesto narrative is the hatred of Jews and the ultimate destruction of Israel.
Huma Abedin became a White House intern during the Clinton years, and was brought under the wing of Hillary to whom she has been an aide and closely aligned for 17 years.

Huma Abedin, a devout Muslim, married Anthony Weiner, a Jew, in 2010. In Islam, that’s forbidden. Unless given a special waver by Islamic clerics, or unless she denounces Islam, Muslim women are not permitted to marry non-Muslims, particularly Jewish men. (unless they convert to Islam)Huma must have fallen in love? After all, Anthony Weiner is a brilliant, dynamite, hot guy who probably swept Huma off her feet. Right? I think not.

Conclusions: For those who believe this a love story, I have some oceanfront property on the moon to sell. This is a classic example of employing two concepts of Islam, pronounced in Arabic as Taqiyya and Muruna. They concern the act of violating Islamic law which is forgiven in order to advance the cause of Islamic conquest. In general, it permits lying and deception in order to blend in, even if it means sleeping with the enemy, feigning alliances, eating pork, drinking alcohol, etc., In other words, it is permitted to deceive…for Allah.

Without a doubt, Huma Abedin is the force behind Anthony Weiner’s tenacious pursuit of high public office because it is her duty to remain on the inside of the political arena in America with access to internal intelligence and influence over law enforcement, particularly matters that affect government strategies and investigations of Islamic action. No one will ever convince me that a devout Muslim woman with strong ties to Islamic extremists – who has been indoctrinated and immersed in the hatred of Americans and Jews from birth to adulthood – married an unattractive, perverted, whining Jewish politician because she was madly in love? Are you kidding me?

Throughout the world of Islam, women are scarred, beaten or murdered as victims of honor killings for doing the same thing. Why not Huma?

She’s on the inside, just where the infiltrators need her to be.

If and when Weiner fails in his attempts to reenter the political world, watch for a divorce. “Oh dear, all that adultery. I couldn’t take it any more.” Meanwhile, keep your eye on Huma. With support from the fawning media and the Clinton machine, she could move on to greater heights in American politics while we stand by, gullible and blind. So easily fooled.

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