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By Marshall Frank

Radical Islam, the Religion of Peace continues to make their mark by murdering masses of innocent people in cold blood for not being Muslims, or worse, for being Christians and Jews. Sometimes, they kill their own innocent women and children because they aren’t the same ilk of Islam, Sunni vs Shiite. Oh yes, we’re only talking about a “few radicals” who “hijacked” Islam because the rest of the Islamic world are allegedly peaceful. Right? Those few radicals have amassed multi-millions of dead bodies over the centuries, and still counting while the rest of the Muslim world stands by mute. Ho-hum.

One might ask, “What are the peaceful “moderate” Muslims doing about the so-called “hijacking? Where is their outcry? Where is their resistance to murder, jihad and anti-Christian and anti-Jewish discrimination?” Silence.

So, here’s the wrap-up for this past week:

Nairobi, Kenya. At the mall. 68 dead, 175 injured in a slaughter by a group of Islamic radicals who separated non-Muslims from the Muslims before shooting people dead. Apparently, four of the terrorists are American bred.
81 Christians killed in a suicide bombing of a church in Peshawar, Pakistan.
90 people killed by a suicide bomber in Sadr City, Iraq, apparently targeting Shiites by Sunnis.
A sectarian suicide bomber kills a dozen more at a funeral in Baghdad
In all this past week, there have been 56 Jihad attacks around the world leaving 511 people killed and hundreds more injured. Just one week.

Can you imagine living in daily fear, as these people do? Constantly?

The Muslim Brotherhood, which has spearheaded the rebellious uprisings throughout the middle-east have made their stamp on the status of other religions…that are not Islamic. Christians are on the run in Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Nigeria, Libya, and etc., with dozens of churches burned and hundreds killed in the last year just for being Christian.
Christian churches have also been desecrated by Muslims in Bosnia
Nigeria is considered the most dangerous country on earth if you are a Christian. More Christians have been killed by Muslims in Nigeria than all other countries combined in 2012.

The African nation of Mali is under siege by radical Muslims imposing Sharia law and killing by the hundreds and burning churches.
Christian churches are being burned in Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, and more, all by Muslims. It is a virtual holocaust, only this time it is being perpetrated by a global ideology, not an individual country. And if you think the churches (and synagogues) in Canada and the U.S. are not in the future crosshairs of Islamists, you must being living in a cave. It’s inevitable.

Time to wake up, folks!

Where is the voice of Christians in the western world? Where is the outrage? Where is our “Christian” president on all these atrocities?
Hello??? I can’t hear you!

The president has been supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and now Syria, while mum about the Christian targets of Islamic terror. Our president and members of our inept government on both sides of the aisle, have been supporting the despicable Muslim Brotherhood in the various conflicts, providing arms and money, citing atrocities by Assad and Mubarak and Ghadaffi, while ignoring the evil inhumanity being perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood all over the middle-east.
Bear in mind, the Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella organization for thirty-one “accepted” power organizations that have infiltrated the U.S., including the ISNA, MSA, MOA, CAIR and 27 other splinter groups, all of whom have a powerful influence in our current White House, State Department, Justice Department, Homeland Security, Military, and elsewhere. The Muslim Brotherhood was the training ground for Osama Bin Laden, which spawned al Qaeda, HAMAS and other terror groups.

And all we little people blather about is republicans versus democrats, while the ship sinks. Our country’s leadership bans the mention of Islam as a source of terror, in FBI and military training, under orders by our president.

Read That Last Sentence Again, Please.

What is happening around the world is a frightening omen for what’s on the horizon in the western world. It is bad, folks. It will be even worse for our children’s children, if we don’t stand up against tyranny, even if they call it a religion.
Jihad is struggle for conquest. It has been that way for 1400 years.

Heads out of the sand, everyone. Follow the evidence and you’ll see the truth. Do not believe politicians.
Some readers dismiss Bill O’Reilly as a Fox News right-winger. Regardless, many of his commentaries are spot-on, one of the few news commentators willing to be politically incorrect, even if it means being honest. His commentary in the following link puts it together quite well, especially in the first three minutes.

Click here: The world failing to confront Muslim terrorism| Fox News Video
The following is the link to thereligionofpeace.com which provides the daily, weekly and monthly tallies of Islam’s terror attacks around the world. If you care about this on-going horror story, it’s a source to keep up with. Mind boggling.

Click here: Islam: Making a True Difference in the World – One Body at a Time
Read about the carnage of Christians by Muslims around the world in this article:

Click here: Christians Murdered Nonstop in Nigeria :: Gatestone Institute

Click here: US Coptic Christians Come to Aid of Believers Persecuted in Egypt

Click here: “Religion of Peace” Murders 68 @ Kenya Mall; Targeted bc They Are NON-Muslim; 4 Americans Dead, 30 Hostages, 175

Click here: At least 81 killed in suicide bombing at Pakistan church | Fox News

Click here: Over 90 killed in Iraq suicide bombings targeting Shiites — RT News

Click here: Christians Being Slaughtered in Egypt by Radical Islamists – Katie Pavlich

Click here: Death Toll Reaches 525 in Egypt, Expected to Rise Following Deadly Crackdown Against Muslim Brotherhood Protests

Click here: Churches Burned in Egypt as Muslim Brotherhood Targets Coptic Christians Amid Widespread Unrest (VIDEO)



Editor's Notebook:

This Vigilant Old Man Has Tried
Hard To Alert The Thinking People
In Town Io Pay Close Attention To
Newscasts That Display The Grim
Photos Of Incidents Of "Grand
Jihad" Nearly Every Day On TV.

Every American has seen repetitive
film of the collapse of the twin
towers of the WTC in NYC where
3,000 innocent victims perished on
Sept 11, 2001.

Since then, I've wondered how many
people recall the attempted
jetliner bombings attempted by the
"shoe-bomber" Richard Reid, on
12/22/01, or the 'Crotch Bomber'
on 12/25/09, or another failed
bombing at Tines Square on May 01,
2010 by Pakistan crazy Faisal

Recently, we witnessed the mass
killings of innocents at Westgate
Mall in Nairobi, Kenya on Sept 21,
2013. This should alert the folks
here at home that the mujahideen
warriors are here, in your state,
wherever your family lives.

Amil Imani Said:

TO KILL YOU." - reb
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David Says:

If you are addicted to party label
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this guy might change your mind
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Dave in North Oliver Springs, Tn

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