Saturday, January 25, 2014


Bio: Charles Krauthammer, born March 13, 1950 in NYC. An American… Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist and journalist, and physician. His weekly column is syndicated to over 400 newspapers world wide. Credits: The New Republic (1981-2011), Washington Post, 1985 to present, The Weekly Standard, Inside Washington (1990-2013); also a nightly panelist on Fox News.

Charles Krauthammer: "I love to hear the president whine about FOX News and Talk Radio. I think we aught to be proud of the fact that we annoy him so much. if you look at the line-up on one side, the liberal media, you start with ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, the elite newspapers, the one remaining news magazine, the universities, Hollywood,-- it doesn't stop anywhere. And, on the other side, talk radio and FOX News.

And, they can't stand the fact that they no longer have a MONOPOLY!

So, I think it aught to be taken as a compliment. What I've always said about Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdock, their genius was understanding and locating a niche in the broadcast cable news, which is half of the American people. The half that have suffered for decades by the fact you get the news presented from a single perspective, over and over again.

Finally, the fact that there is a new perspective, talk radio, and FOX, and they can't stand it. it's a source of pride, I would say."



A fine journalist with a unique

sense of humor. More Charles,

more! - reb
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