Sunday, October 19, 2014


by Marshall Frank

While we are fed constant news about ISIS, Ebola and a questionable police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, we seem to have lost interest in what is happening on the Israeli front, where rockets continue to pound civilian targets inside their borders and innocent people keep running for their lives. Hamas must love all the outside world’s distractions as they relentlessly fire missile on top of missile into Israeli civilian targets in the hopes of killing anyone for the sake of killing and terrorizing.

Nothing appears in American news feed – not easily found anyway – which tells more of the story, as the Obama administration has blocked all shipments of defensive armament support to Israel, our strongest ally (supposedly) in the middle east. No explanation given. This is reported in the Jewish Press, which is not known for making up false stories.

So this is where we’ve come. Not only is ISIS terrorizing Iraq and Syria into an Islamic State, target bombings be laughable, we are giving a lower (or no) priority to our Israeli partner’s survival. This falls completely into the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam.

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Editor's Note:

This new report adds weight to the long-suspected charade of Barry Obama's claim to be a "black-liberation-christian" from Reverand Jeremiah Wright's Trinity Church in Chicago... where Reverand Louie Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) is held in high esteem.

Follow the well-marked trail of
deceit and ye shall find the truth.

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