Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Key Obama Operative In Israel To Enact SINISTER Plan Against Netanyahu

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In the wake of the snub heard ‘round the world, where President Obama refused to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while he’s in the country and addressing Congress, news has surfaced of a sinister plan from the Obama camp involving Israel’s upcoming elections.

Key Obama Operative In Israel To Enact SINISTER Plan Against Netanyahu

The Israeli media outlet Haaretz is reporting that Obama’s Deputy National Field Director from his 2008 campaign has traveled to Israel in order to influence the upcoming elections. Jeremy Bird is a Harvard educated community organizer, who also served as Obama’s National Field Director in 2012, was formerly the Deputy Director for Obama’s group Organizing for Action, and is now a major player working for Ready for Hillary, according to Front Page Mag, who also says Bird is “as Obama as it gets.”

Haaretz reports that along with heavy American funding, Bird will be joined by four other operatives to work with “One Voice” to conduct the V-2015 campaign to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu in the March 2015 Knesset Elections. Bird is apparently planning on employing the same type of ground game that proved highly successful for Obama both years he won the presidency.

Nice, right? It gets better.

Key Obama Operative In Israel To Enact SINISTER Plan Against Netanyahu

Liberty Unyielding reports that One Voice was formed in 2003 as “an international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representatives towards the two-state solution.” In other words, their goal is to get anybody out of office who believes that the Palestine Liberation Organization is actually a terrorist group, which would ultimately spell trouble for Israel.

To take this further, the group appears to be funded by none other than George Soros and also has an influential Soros operative working on the honorary board. When the group was founded, long-time Chief Operations Officer of Soros Fund Management, Gary Gladstein, was appointed to the honorary board of advisors, where he’s still listed as a member.

The current management team of the group also includes two veterans of the Obama and Hillary campaign organizations, Joshua Nerpel and Mara Lee. Nerpel had a successful career with both politicians managing logistics and media events before scoring a political appointee position in the White House, while Lee served on several campaigns and was also a political appointee in the White House.

Why does all of this matter?

Well, if you remember correctly, the reason Obama snubbed Netanyahu to begin with was because “as a matter of long-standing practice and principle, we do not see heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections, so as to avoid the appearance of influencing a democratic election in a foreign country.”

Right, so while he doesn’t want to give the “appearance” of influencing elections, he’s more than willing to allow his people to go to the country and have a direct hand in the outcome. What’s even worse is the fact that he’s working to get someone in office who sympathizes with the neighboring terrorist group.

I don’t know about you, but hearing this absolutely enrages me. Neither Obama nor any of his operatives should be in Israel to influence an election in such a manner, period. And should they prove successful, Israel could face the same perils we currently face from having a leader that despises their nation.

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Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is who's paying Bird; surely, it's for profit big time. Who is the benefactor? Obama? taxpayers? If it isn't illegal, it is certainly immoral, but Obama hasn't shown himself to care for morality. I hope Bibi can get someone equally capable for his campaign. Maybe this'll show the pundits that Obama is absolutely not to be excused for anything; the man knows precisely what he's doing at all times. He's destroying America and Israel, one step at a time. Gazelle O.

Anonymous said...

Obama came into office as a Junior US Senator with a net worth of around $700,000 and after his 1st four years as POTUS, had a net worth of around $7,000,000! A fairly rapid growth in WEALTH, for a person who golfs (poorly) more than the average person, welcomes parents of accused military deserter, shuns The Prime Minister of Israel! Refuses to call extremist Muslims, Islamic Terrorists! Criticizes Law Enforcement Officers without factual basis! Race baits the American People with accused criminals (Tax Cheats) like MSNBC Anchor and "Minister Al Sharpton! Doesn't join World Leaders in the face of terrorist activities, attempting to limit free speech! And so many other deceptive activities, you couldn't possibly list them all! What does it take to IMPEACH such a voracious liar? Just waiting for Jan. 2016! If we have anything to salvage as the USA? Oh well, he is a great reader of a prompter! And, oh yeah, he risked the lives of many Seal Team Members, to kill OBL!



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