Sunday, March 15, 2015


by Marshall Frank

It totally amazes me that millions of bright people within the national electorate care nothing about integrity, accomplishments and track records when supporting a presidential candidate. The nation is full of brilliant high achievers on both sides of the political spectrum, but they are all trumped by voting blocs that can be chummed to the boat, regardless of ability, and regardless of trust.

Are women’s groups in America so desperately obsessed with the need to elect a vagina into the Oval Office? Does not the absense of qualifications and integrity matter? Is electability and gender all that counts?

I’m referring to the heir-apparent to the throne, Hillary Clinton. The most unqualified, low achieving, serial lying, deceiving, non-transparent, and possibly the most corrupt candidate in the political arena of 2016. Where do I begin?

Let’s start with corruption, not the average bribery syndrome, but an issue which seriously compromises the national security of the United States. The current issue has been overshadowed by the well-deserved private –e-mail scandal, but it shouldn’t have been. We’re talking about her foundation accepting multi-millions of dollars in foreign, Islamic money.

Sure, the money is on record as going toward the Clinton foundation, but that’s like saying the 2004 money from the Muslim Brotherhood is going toward the Holy Land Foundation (Islam), when in fact it was redirected to the terror group Hamas. Hillary is not supporting terrorism but – if she becomes president – how will her position toward foreign governments be compromised when Islamic radical issues come to the forefront. We already saw a taste of that in Benghazi.

According to a number of sources, the Clinton Foundation – while she was serving as Secretary of State – received multi-millions in donations from a number of countries, to and including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Brunei and Algeria who donated a half million dollars.

So, let’s say Hillary becomes president, and the middle-east erupts even further into a hot zone of Islamic radicalism, some of which is based in these countries and others like it. When it comes time to make crucial decisions, will her judgment be clouded by quid pro quo?

Does she owe favors? You bet she does.

Not only that, her foundation is all about women’s rights, of which the conditions for women in those countries is deplorable, if not the worst in the world in terms of human rights. Is that not a conflict of interest, accepting big money from countries that kill women for failing to cover their face, leaving Islam or asking for a divorce? Is that not hypocrisy in the 1st Degree?

In her now-famous press conference about the private e-mails on March 10th, Hillary did her best to manipulate the audience about the account. But she was even more evasive when one female reporter specifically asked her about conflicts accepting donations for her foundation from multiple middle-east countries that abuse women, and if that didn’t disturb her. Her reply: “With respect to the foundation, I’m very proud of the work that the foundation does… I think it’s very clear where I stand on these issues…there’s no mistake about my passion about women’s rights, here and around the world.”

She never answered the question. She mentioned nothing about the millions of dollars in Islamic donations, the conflicts of interest or the issue of abuse of women abroad.

Want to see a tap dance? Check this video starting a 7:40 where the reporter asks a two-point question. Hillary doesn’t respond to the foreign money question until 9:20, which she doges through in 30 seconds without an answer. That’s evasiveness. That’s deceit. Here’s the video:

Click here: Hillary Clinton’s Full News Conference – Video –

Hillary is playing the “women’s rights” card, not because of her passion for women, but to garner a giant voting bloc while selling women down the road at the same time outside the United States.

And women want her to be our president? Are you kidding me? You can’t do better than this?

Hillary cares nothing about America. Hillary cares nothing about her husband. Hillary cares little about anything, other than her lifelong goal of being the first female president. If she needs high-profile issues to ride the wave of victory, she’ll milk them for all she can garner. Her husband’s notorious hot-pants for the gentler sex over a period of thirty years (while married) is a minor embarrassment, but she sure isn’t about to lose his clout as a Democratic campaign magnet. She doesn’t care about fidelity. “Winning” is what matters.

If anyone checks her professional history, it is laden with Zero accomplishments, other than winning one senatorial election and being appointed to the State Department. As senator she did nothing, not one piece of major legislation, not one news conference where she opened herself to tough questions.

As Secretary of State, she traveled the globe doing photo ops, along with Muslim Brotherhood-connected Huma Abedine by her side, clearly raising a question of national security. She also embarrassed America by lying about Benghazi before embarking on a three-month excursion to foreign countries around the world, in order to evade questions. She did not have the leadership skills, or the chutzpa, to answer questions, to lead a probe, to tell the truth, to get to the bottom of a deathly tragedy on her watch. No. She lied about the phony video as being the culprit then went on a 3-month vacation.

An entire book could be written about the litany of deceit and incompetence surrounding this woman, which her patrons choose – yes: Choose – to ignore, despite the mountains of evidence.

Judicial Watch, Inc., is a non-partisan educational foundation, promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law. Each year, they publish their findings on the most corrupt politicians in America. This was their list for 2012, the last year Hillary Clinton was employed in government.

Click here: Most corrupt politicians
Vern Buchanan (R-FL)
Secretary of Energy Steven Chu
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice
Attorney General Eric Holder
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL)
Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ)
President Barack Obama
Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)
Rep. David Rivera (R-FL)
Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius
Summary for Clinton: “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice lied about the events surrounding the Benghazi massacre. Hillary Clinton, the only First Lady to have been the subject of a grand jury investigation, is a regular visitor to our Most Corrupt list, while this is a first-time appearance for Ms. Rice.

“One day after the attack, on September 12, 2012, Sec. Clinton said the following: “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior, along with the protest that took place at our embassy in Cairo yesterday, as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet. America’s commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear — there is no justification for this, none.” She then joined President Obama in taping a television ad apologizing to the Muslim world for the obscure video, spending a reported $70,000 in taxpayer funds.”

Women voters: You can’t seriously want this woman to lead out country. You can do better.

The following link is an interesting article about the truths and untruths concerning Hillary’s background, by someone who worked with her for twenty years, Dick Morris. Quite revelaing:

Click here: Truths that need to be told about Hillary Clinton from Dick Morris – Freedom Outpost

More links:

Click here: Hillary Dodges Question About Foreign Donors To Clinton Foundation – Breitbart

Click here: Hillary Clinton’s latest problem: The Clinton Foundation took money from countries that mistreat women.

Life for women in total Islamic countries: (Warning, disturbing)


Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this powerful essay about Hillary.
I wish it could get through to the women who are hellbent on having a female in office, with no other credentials. I'd sooner vote for a cow.
Gazelle, Oh

Anonymous said...

Hi, let see if this will work out.
I like the articles you publish.


Yep, Anonymous Comments Work Well;

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Somerset Wedding Gal said...

I don't know man, she sounds like she's going to be a pretty popular candidate! Although I don't know whether people's disillusionment with Obama's administration might come into play...


Hillary Clinton Is Yesterday's
News; she is carrying too much
baggage in her past performance:

a) In 2009 Obama & Hillary helped
to oust Hosni Mubarak, a solid
friend of the USA, then helped
Muslim Brotherhood Leadership by
actively promoting the crude and
despicable Mohammed Morsi!

b) Hillary's well know refusal to
provide adequate security for the
Consulate in Libya, where four
Americans Died, and top officials
Lied... will not be forgotten.
___ ___

Anonymous said...

This shows how uninformed the average American is or how much they dont care, wake up people!


They don't care... because folks
close to them are "too busy" to
inform them, and they become
apathetic, which leads them into
a dependence on flawed leadership
and "willful blindness". It's a
vicious circle of trusting the
promises of "progressive
politicians" that don't give a
damn about this republic. - reb
___ ___

Anonymous said...

Dawn-Michigan 😃



Sub-Title: 'Islamic Terror? I Just Don't See It'
Then (in Left column) see "Obama's Forty Quotes"

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