Monday, May 25, 2015


By Marshall Frank
Most of my readers know that I strive to research and verify before posting facts and opinions. Once in a great while, a reader will come up with one of those “gotchas” which causes me to restudy a point of view. The few times that has happened, I accept as a learning process by which to do even better.

We all naturally harbor views and opinions that may not be completely verifiable, yet very possibly true. As experienced police detectives are aware, hard evidence is not always left behind, though the circumstantial body of information may point to conclusions that offer solid information and prime suspects.

The following list of views and opinions are based on my own insights, research, a plethora of dot-connecting and plain common sense. This time it’s just me; Thinking Out Loud

I believe the global warming issue is a political sham. Indeed, some science reports espouse warming as a global problem, but the politicians on one end of the fence do all they can to cash in politically. Climate change is a natural phenomenon that has been on-going since the beginning of planet earth. It wasn’t man who created the ice age, nor other shifts in geological or meteorological phenomena. Of course, it’s important do all we can to preserve a good environment. But whenever I hear someone like the president tell us that climate change is more serious than ISIS or international terror, the first thing that comes to mind is; Is he purposely lying? Is this a political detraction?

The rise of ISIS rivals the rise of Nazism in the early 1930’s. It started with a band of brutal radicals, to which the general populace turned a blind eye until the treachery overflowed into their world. Our president originally dismissed ISIS as a JV unit, unimportant. The mission of ISIS is establishing fundamentalist Islamic states to blanket the entire world which will entail mass terror; it is only a matter of time. It’s destined to grow huge and not just in the middle-east. The radical Islamists and the Nazis each worshiped a god: One who could be seen, and the other who cannot be seen. But the fascist ideology is very similar. The only thing that will stop the march of fascism is a defeat from which they cannot recover. Like it or not, that could mean D-Day.

We know that – for many years – Barack Obama’s most influential mentor, and father figure, from ages ten to eighteen was Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed, card-carrying communist who hated the United States. We know that Barack Obama was indoctrinated at an earlier age with Islam. And, we know that Obama’s friends and associates throughout his early life were confirmed anti-Americans, communists and Islamists to which he owed his friendship and loyalty. Thus, we have elected into the White House, a man who was marinated in two ideologies which have, at one time or another, sworn to destroy and conquer the United States. It’s clear the American voters had no clue as to who or what they were voting for.

Race relations were at an all-time pinnacle in America until 2009, when – ironically – a black president took office. Barack Obama, and his ideology and his cronies (Holder, Sharpton, etc.) have set back race relations 40 years, or more. Could it be that it is all part of a grander plan to establish anarchy in America, thus the divide?

Consider the possiblity that Barack Obama may attempt to remain in office. Outside of repealing a constitutional amendment, that can be achieved one of two ways: 1) He can have Michelle Obama run for president, and if elected, he would remain president by proxy or 2) Obama can declare Martial Law. That can be accomplished for a number of reasons; Out-of-control border crossings, war with Iran or other major countries, anarchy in major cities, etc. On March 16, 2012, the White House released an executive order, “National Defense Resources Preparedness,” which expands and reaffirms a previous action giving the executive branch such powers to protect national security. Basically, the federal government has the authority to take over many aspects of American society. Food, livestock, farming equipment, manufacturing, industry, energy, transportation, health care facilities, water resources, defense and construction – all of it could fall under the full control of Mr. Obama.

I believe the current wave of assaults and demonstrations against police is an organized effort to create anger, hatred and disorder by hired anarchists, as part of a grander plan to one day declare police incapable of maintaining the peace. That could also provide a motive for Martial Law. Hopefully not.

I believe Barack Obama is at the least, a sympathizer with the Muslim Brotherhood, or at the most, a stealth agent. Every action he takes in regards to the middle-east is to the advantage of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the uprising and installation of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt in 2011.

I believe Obama will, while president, stand by and do little or nothing to prevent an Israeli catastrophe as Iran or other proxies embark upon an overt destruction of Israel.

I believe Hillary Clinton (and possibly the president) was likely aware of the scheme prior to the Benghazi attack of 2012. Her actions, or inactions, prior to and following the attack, aided and abetted which could be considered “Obstruction of Justice.” Certainly the actions following the attack rivaled that of many past criminal suspects; Lie, duck and get lost.

For one reason or another, I seriously doubt that Hillary Clinton will make it to an election day. There are too many hammers ready to fall, and she is a grossly dishonest person. And, she is inevitably going to come under fire for so many of her major actions and inactions as debates near. It’s unthinkable that any informed American citizen could cast a vote for this woman, regardless of party.

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Anonymous said...

Marshall and Snake Hunter I thank you. I've known Benn for over a decade, and was not aware of these matters prior to knowing him. The time and effort you have invested in "educating" others is appreciated and well received! Those photocopies and emails have not been ignored. Thank you!
Wally J


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