Sunday, June 21, 2015


by Marshall Frank

If black folks thought that opportunity, conditions and lifestyle were going to improve under the first black president, they must be sorely disappointed.

The statistics are overwhelming. Just about every economic, cultural, familial and criminal justice indicator points out that life is not better for blacks since Obama became president, unless you want to factor in the number of minority appointees he’s promoted into federal judgeships and other cushy government jobs.

Lauren Burke, a black columnist for BlackPress USA, reported in her article of January 2015: During Obama’s first 6 years in office, average black unemployment soared to 14 percent, compared to 10 percent in January of 2009 when Obama took office. There’s more:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, youth unemployment (ages 16-24), this time in 2014, was 14.3 percent. For blacks in that age group, it was nearly 25 percent.
Ninety-two percent of black males in Chicago, ages 16-19, are unemployed.
The Huffington Post reported that 72 percent of black babies in the U.S. are born to unwed mothers, i.e. fatherless homes. According to the Moynihan Report, that figure stood at 23.6 percent in 1965. So much for the war on poverty.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2012 the black poverty rate stood at 28.1 percent compared to 25.5 percent in 2005.
Single parent homes among blacks living below the poverty rate stands at 47.5 percent, while married couple families with kids stand at 8.4 percent.
In 2013, Non-Hispanic black males represented 37 percent of America’s prison inmates, above that of non-Hispanic whites (32%) and Hispanics, any race (22%).
The murder rate by blacks vs whites in the U.S. is striking. According to the 2013 FBI crime report, calculating per 1,000,000 members of the perpetrator’s race, is as follows:
Blacks killed by blacks: 58.94 per million

Blacks killed by whites: 0.77 per million

Whites killed by blacks: 9.83 per million

Whites killed by whites: 10.22 per million

According to these figures, blacks kill at a rate six times higher than non-blacks, while they represent only 13 percent of the population.

So how has the first black president faired at improving race relations, crime rates, economics, family life and opportunity for the blacks of America? Apparently, not very well.

While the president maintains a heavy schedule of fund raising, ceremonial commitments, vacations, speeches, political photo-ops, and over 220 games of golf, I’m one American who wonders why he hasn’t paid more attention to the plight of black America other than demonizing police officers.

If improving life for blacks was such a priority, why hasn’t the president and his wife, as well as members of his constituency, penetrated deep into black communities of America to learn more about the plight of real people. Instead, he’s lent his ear to the politically divisive rhetoric of haters like the Al Sharptons of this country. Barack Obama could be a lightning rod leading people of the black community – adults and kids—into making better decisions, following the path of education, developing self-worth and a sense of responsibility, to encourage men and women to marry and become stable families for kids, to stay away from drugs and gangs and criminal behavior. He could have empowered morality like never before. President Obama has had a unique opportunity in black America which no prior president ever had.

He should be visiting the bowels of urban America; Chicago south, Baltimore, L.A., Washington D.C., Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, and many more, teaching not preaching; role modeling, not blathering; leading not dividing. These should all be substantive missions, not politically motivated photo-ops showing him shooting hoops.

He could pass up a few of those fund raisers and golf games, and show up in Milwaukee, Boston and Harlem, minus hordes of journalists, to be with regular black people and to sincerely open his heart and mind, listening more than speeching. The impression he could make in the black community would be astronomical. He could make a huge difference.

With true leadership from a black president, awestruck young men and women would start cleaning up their act, with improved parenting and providing for their kids. Instead of bragging about his drug use as a young man, he could show remorse and impart the dangers and downsides of using. He could sit at a family table, breaking bread while listening to the hearts and feelings of black America from the proverbial horse’s mouth. He could give up half of those golf games and visit one city after another, talking to people in rehab centers, prison inmates, gang leaders, ministers, moms, dads, doctors, teachers, and yes, police officers.

But he has not. He’s done nothing other than broaden dependence on welfare entitlements, teaching people that there’s a lot of free stuff to be had out there. I doubt that visiting real people in real neighborhoods ever entered his mind. All the complaints about police, guns, racism and such, will not lower the poverty rate one iota, nor reduce crime among black youths, nor help young blacks find worthwhile employment.

Yes, Mr. President, you’ve had a golden opportunity. And you’ve blown it.

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