Tuesday, August 11, 2015


by Marshall Frank

It is stunning to me, that a confirmed serial liar could be the recipient of even one vote for elective office. What does that say about our electorate?

This is not a party matter. It’s an integrity matter. Gross dishonesty in public office is a sign that the person cannot be trusted with what they say. We had a president who, in 1974, resigned from the presidency in disgrace for being a serial liar. Yet, there are millions of people who are willing to wear blinders and cast a vote for the most despicable liar in the current political arena, Hillary Clinton.

Imagine for one second, you are the father of a fallen son who was killed in a terror attack while trying to save the lives of others. Within hours, the source of that attack in Benghazi was confirmed as terrorism, though the Obama administration was still spinning a deflective line about an anti-Muslim video, which had nothing to do with the attack.

Four days later you – the dad – are at the receiving ceremony where the bodies lay in coffins. As Mrs. Clinton performs her perfunctory duties extending condolences to the families, she says to you, the father of Tyrone Woods, “We’re going to have that person arrested who did that video.”

How comforting.

Never mind that it was the Secretary of State and her department hierarchy who declined numerous pleas over a period of six months from the Benghazi compound for heightened security. Instead, not only were the requests denied, security was diminished, gutted, almost as though it was timed perfectly so that the attackers were provided an open door.

Never mind that military and intel personnel in Washington and overseas, had established the attack was not because of any video. Never mind that the Clinton and Obama cartel continued to spin the “video” propaganda for three weeks, knowing it was a lie. Never mind that the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, refused to appear on television news programs to answer questions, rather, she cowardly dispatched Susan Rice to appear in her stead on five Sunday network interviews to blather the same lie about the video.

Never mind that Hillary – the head of the state department – took charge of nothing, rather, she disappeared on a three-month tour of planet earth to do nothing more than hide behind the diplomatic mask, flying, shaking hands, photo-ops and no questions.

I cannot imagine any American voter who would think this person would make a trusted president.

In 1974, Nixon’s lies were about a bungled burglary. Hillary’s lies were about the killings of four distinguished American heroes.

I am highlighting this incident because it was a whopper. It pertained to murder. Hillary’s lies are so common, they are laughable. Maybe that’s why no one takes them seriously.

Try this: Click here: Hillary Clinton dodges sniper fire in Bosnia – raw footage – YouTube

Yes, that’s a video from 2008 when Hillary told an audience how she had landed in Bosnia under sniper fire, and had to duck while running from the plane. When on-site people challenged her story as being false, she dismissed saying, “Well, I misspoke.”

She made it up! It was not exaggerations, or a half truth. It was a total lie! And people amazingly continue to give her credibility?

News anchor Brian Williams lost his job at NBC for making up a similar story. Well, maybe he should run for president.

Here’s a few more…cherry-picked because this is only a blog, not a book.

Hillary said that her daughter, Chelsea, was jogging around the World Trade Center during 9/11. Not true. Later, Hillary admitted that Chelsea was safely in her apartment when the attack occurred.

She claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary because he was a hero who climbed Mt. Everest. One problem: Hillary climbed the mountain six years after Clinton was born.

Her family was dead broke when they left the White House in 2001. Boo hoo. That won’t sent well with truly poor people, to know that she was worth about $12 million, not to mention the litany of high-priced speeches she and Bill embarked on.

She claimed to be instrumental in the Northern Ireland peace process. However, the people who were there negotiating the peace say Hillary was never there.

Here’s a few more:

Click here: List of 10 Verified Hillary Clinton Lies | The North Coast Curmudgeon

Now of course, we have all the lies about her government e-mails on her private account and server, not to mention the dishonest act of deleting e-mails before any sub-committee personnel could see them.

Some folks will say this is a political witch hunt. Was the Nixon scandal a political witch hunt, or a disclosure of dishonesty by a government servant? When politicians lie and commit crimes, it is the duty of congress, and the executive department, to investigate and take action. They are not witch hunts. And those who would knowingly protect serial liars like Hillary Clinton ought to think twice, if they are not aiding and abetting a criminal.

I’m hoping Joe Biden enters the race for the Democrats. If the presidency should be retained by the Democrats, at least he’s likeable and far more credible than this woman, who has spent her adult life looking the other way (from philandering Bill) so she could ride on his power train to acquire her lifelong obsession: The Presidency.

God forbid.

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BREAKING NEWS/08-11-2015/ U.S. iNSPECTOR GENERAl's OFFICE... Has Determined That Two Of Hillary's e-Mails Were Marked 'TOP SECRET" -->> On March 10, 2015 Secretary Clinton is on record as stating that there were no e-Mails sent that were marked 'Top Secret'.

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