Tuesday, September 01, 2015


by Marshall Frank

“Black Lives Matter” is an anarchist movement funded by leftist Socialist, George Soros, in order to create a deeper racial divide inside America. It is based on a sham – or shams – which are an outgrowth from a number of publicized shootings involving black men/boys as purported victims and police officers as shooters, the most famous of which was Michael Brown, 18, in Ferguson, Missouri in August of 2014.

The facts are irrefutable, that Michael Brown, a 300 pound mammoth kid, strong-armed a store clerk to rob merchandise. Moments later he was confronted by a police officer doing his job, telling Brown and his friend to stop walking in the middle of the street. Brown’s response was a physical attack upon Officer Darren Wilson, who was sucker-punched while sitting in his police car, then struggled to prevent Brown from wrestling his gun away. Moments later, when the officer ordered Wilson to halt, Brown turned and charged menacingly toward the police officer who, at that moment, had no choice but to protect himself, firing shots that killed Brown.

At least six eye-witnesses, mostly black citizens, and independent of Brown’s thug friend, testified to these facts before a grand jury, which had no alternative but to clear Officer Wilson. Wilson was Not Guilty of any wrong doing! This, despite efforts by the Attorney General and the forces of the federal government to try and make this into a “racist” act on the part of the cop…which was totally untrue. Even Holder had to admit there was no valid evidence against the officer.

Nevertheless, the gangs of thugs, pretending to be outraged blacks, took over the streets of Ferguson where they destroyed more than 200 businesses and homes, mostly black-owned – for the frivolity of it. Millions of dollars in damage was lost.

Those innocent lives mattered more, because they were hard working, peaceful law abiding blacks who didn’t deserve to be looted, burned, destroyed and otherwise displaced. If black lives matter, then why did they harm innocent black people?

Yet, the looters prevailed. They got all the attention asserting that some diabolical cabal of cops banded together to kill blacks because – well – because they are black. We all know that’s beyond absurd. But, the George Soros bands of anarchists did what they were paid to do; Destroy, under the banner of “Black Lives Matter” protests.

Yes – they were paid to “protest,” i.e., riot. These were well-planned premeditated acts, not spontaneous eruptions by local citizens. Numerous reports, some linked below, revealed that George Soros had earmarked over $30 million for the Ferguson “protests” part of which was to provide housing, transportation, materials, and pay to protesters. Almost a year later, many of those protesters were protesting Soros himself, demanding the payment they were promised. See link, below.

Fast forward to August of this year, another black male criminal in St. Louis was shot by cops who fired back after defending themselves from a man who brandished a gun. The cops were serving a lawful arrest warrant. More protests broke out. But, the news barely covered the fact that a 9 year-old girl in Ferguson, that same night, died from a drive-by bullet wound fired by black gangs into a mistaken house. Her life mattered too. Hellooo? Are you out there George?

One St. Louis woman, Peggy Hubbard, made an amazing video of herself protesting black on black crime, accusing the thugs of mischaracterizing cops who have only their jobs to do, enforcing laws under very dangerous circumstances. I invite all readers to watch and listen to this woman’s plea for sanity:

Click here: Black mom ‘ Peggy Hubbard ‘ talks about Ferguson and Protests – YouTube

The same paid thugs came out of the woodwork in Baltimore in April of this year, when a multi-arrested drug dealer was arrested again, to be transported in a police van to the station. When he arrived, the man had an injury to the neck/spine, from which he later died. The facts surrounding how and why that injury occurred has yet to be revealed in court, but that didn’t matter to the professional rioters. Baltimore went up in flames, another array of business, cars and houses were destroyed putting more blacks out of work. This, by the way, with the blessing and aid of the mayor of Baltimore, a black female, who told the protesters they would have space to destroy. Police, meanwhile, were restrained from doing their rightful jobs to protect, as they were pummeled like sitting ducks with rocks and torches, dozens of whom required hospital treatment for injuries.

Black lives matter?

ALL LIVES MATTER. And, sorry – black lives do not matter more or less than anyone else’s lives.

This movement is a crock of crap, but enough glassy-eyed folks – some of whom mean well – will not bother to look beneath the surface to see what is really going on behind the deception. Anyone, or any organization, who buys into this protest movement is doing more to harm relations, than to bridge them. They are falling in a trap based on ruses and manufactured accusations of racism, which are untrue.

Sure, a black will be killed by a white cop sometimes. Two days after Michael Brown was killed in August of last year, a BLACK COP shot and killed an unarmed WHITE MAN in Salt Lake City. Anybody hear about that?

Anybody hear about the white deputy sheriff that was ambushed and executed near Houston on August 28th of this year, while he was gassing up his car? The shooter was a black man. Does this cop’s life matter?

Anybody hear about the State Trooper Steve Vincent, Louisiana, on August 16th who tried to help a driver stuck in a ditch, only to receive a bullet in the head? Does his life matter?

Another Louisiana cop, Henry Nelson, responded on August 26th to a domestic call only to be ambushed and killed? Another life that matters.

So far this year, 79 police officers have lost their lives in the line of duty, to protect and serve.

Of course, who can forget the two cops sitting in their car in New York City, ambushed and executed just before Christmas of 2014, by an irate black male for no other reason than being cops.

I will be the first to condemn and prosecute police officers who wrongfully harm or kill, whether white or black. I know…because I’ve done it. I’ve arrested cops. I’ve been in the bowels of race riots. I’ve seen white and black officers heroically defend the community in times of strife, I’ve seen the black victims of black crime, not only from riots but from day to day shooting and killings, 95 percent of which are generated by black criminals.

So let’s get off the pot, people. Those of you who yearn to join up with the false movement, think first about the real issues, like teaching black fathers to marry mothers and to form real families for babies so they don’t turn to gangs, and for black youths to get off welfare rolls and work at real jobs. Think about the rampant excesses of drug addiction that has infected all communities in America, but none so tragically as the black communities. Sure, a disproportionate percentage of blacks occupy prisons, because they commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes. We can do a lot to solve these and other problems in the black communities if leaders would stop politicizing by supporting junk movements like “Black Lives Matter” which accomplishes nothing but stirring hate. Leaders must immerse themselves into black homes and schools and streets to develop positive role models, instead of idolizing thugs who engage in filthy, degrading lyrics played constantly in homes and vehicles, disguised as gangsta rap music.

“Black Lives Matter” is a solution to nothing. Rather, it is symbolic of the problem: Ignorance. It breeds more hate. What does that solve?

“Black Lives Matter” is the sewer of social protest. If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could see this happening, he’d rise from the grave and condemn Soros, and every anarchist that follows him.

Meanwhile, ex-Officer Darren Wilson, from Ferguson, has a life that matters too. He defended his life. But…who cares

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