Monday, November 16, 2015


from Dan Friedman
'Jews In the Land of Make Believe' - one

Some of us will never "get it." In the wake of the Paris massacre, many Israelis and other Jews are calling on the civilized West to adopt a new meme, "We are all Israel now." Sorry friends, but it will never catch on. Kumbaya is the official anthem of the "peace makers," but Hatikvah will never make it into the songbook.

Jews may long to be one of the boys, but history has other ideas. After the flowers dry in front of the Bataclan theater, the memorial candles go out all over Paris, and the World Trade Center’s red, white and blue lights are extinguished in NYC, the "international community" - including France - will revert to type and go back to their psychotic obsession with Jews and Israel. After a short timeout (if that) they will turn their attention back to the stuff that really matters: Jewish building in Jerusalem and boycotting oranges grown in Israel.

Yet, there is this irony. The Muslims will always keep silly daydreamers honest - either at the point of a knife or the tip of a Muslim H-Bomb. Heck, they haven’t let us down in 1400 years! The only question is, are 130 dead in Paris going to be enough to convince us who the real enemy is and who’s trying to destroy our way of life? If not, the religion of peace will be glad to oblige with an endless supply of cadavers – both Jews and gentiles.

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