Wednesday, January 06, 2016


By Marshall Frank
All the news is about the San Bernardino massacre, of course, because it occurred on American soil.

With the advent of additional Islamist refugees swarming into western regions, including North America, we can expect these attacks to accelerate.

Radical Islam is a global problem. It is not about a few nice people who were suddenly “radicalized.” This is not just a religion; this is a culture, this is an ideology, this is a form of government and this is a movement that is gaining momentum…and we (Americans) are in the crosshairs. Meanwhile, all our president and Attorney General can worry about is the backlash against Muslims while ISIS, al Qaeda and other terror groups become better financed, better equipped and more emboldened.

Do not let presidential propaganda cloud your heads by insulting our intelligence, saying these people are not Islamic. ISIS, and all the other terror organizations, are absolutely Islamic based. We are doing a terrible job.

When a house is infected with cockroaches, you don’t get rid of them by killing a few here and there. You must kill the nest.

This is not being perpetrated by a few radicals. Rather, they are numbered in the millions and they exist in most countries of the free world, not only Islamic countries. They have a sophisticated communications network. They have leadership. They have multi-millions of dollars that keeps flooding the terror network.

The organized murder machine has randomly executed over 27,300 acts of terror in the last 14 years. It doesn’t matter who we catch, who we kill, who we prosecute or who we expose.

They keep coming, just like those cockroaches. And when we kill one or two, we claim a false victory. Osama bin Laden’s death means nothing, ZERO – other than symbolism. It has deterred nothing.

Check out and follow the body count, most of whom are innocent Muslims, people of their own “religion.”

The following chronicles this past week alone:
2015.12.08 (Kandahar, Afghanistan) – Nearly forty civilians are slaughtered when Taliban fundamentalists pour machine-gun fire into a crowded market.
2015.12.08 (Tulunan, Philippines) – Three villagers are shot dead by Moro Islamists.
2015.12.07 (Tripoli, Libya) – Sharia advocates behead two men for ‘sorcery’ at a public event.
2015.12.06 (Aden, Yemen) – A suicide car bomber turns seven ‘apostates’ into rubble.
2015.12.05 (Koulfoua, Chad) – Three female suicide bombers massacre twenty-seven patrons at a local market.
2015.12.04 (Ramadi, Iraq) – Five suicide car bombers take out over two dozen Iraqis.

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