Saturday, September 30, 2017


Enough already!
     We have critical concerns all over the globe; National health care, immigration, threats of terrorism, violent crime, possible war with North Korea or even Iran. The best that professional football players can do for their country is defy the American flag and turn sour on the very nation that have made them wealthy?
     When sports icons use fame to disparage our nation, it makes me want to throw up. I am not alone, many millions feel the same, especially military veterans, disabled soldiers and their families, police and fire personnel, nurses and doctors and teachers, and many more who dedicate their lives to America.
     NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, is an example of a tail wagging the dog. He and some  owners are so intimidated by multi-million dollar athletes that they cave under pressure rather than having the guts to take a stand on behalf of a nation that has paved their way to become millionaires.
     Players are employees of organizations, as I was a cop for 30 years. Staff members work for organizations, not the other way around. I would never publicly denigrate or embarrass my employers, especially not while on duty. When players take the field and appear in uniform before eighty thousand people, they are representing their teams as employees. They are paid to perform athletics, not espouse politics. The organizations they work under should require compliance with rules and standards, or else find another job.
     If Roger Goodell truly cared about his country, he’d call a sacrificial moratorium for one week without football and send his 1,700 players to Puerto Rico to help save lives and provide necessities to grief-stricken human beings who are suffering immensely. That, is doing something meaningful. Yes, I know they write checks and donate. But that’s the easy way out.
     The players, led by millionaire quarterback, Colin Kaeperkick, are allegedly showing solidarity by protesting police brutality and discrimination toward black people. Really? This is a worn-out broken record, designed to spread Anti-American propaganda that is simply untrue.
     Yes, a cop goes rogue now and then. But to suggest there is a systemic wave of cop hatred toward blacks is utterly ridiculous.  I assert that with thirty years personal knowledge.
     In July of this year, a black police officer in Minneapolis, shot and killed a white woman in her pajamas trying to report a crime. Anyone hear about that?
     When Michael Brown, a black youth, was shot and killed by an officer in Ferguson in 2014, another shooting took place the next day in Utah, where a black cop shot and killed an unarmed white man. Anyone hear about that?
     Where is the sympathy and outrage over the five cops who were ambushed and killing in Dallas in 2016?  Or the two officers sitting in their patrol car in New York City in 2014, murdered. Thus far in 2017, 97 officers have died in the line of duty, thirty-three by gunfire.
     The real problem is blacks killing blacks by the thousands, in Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis and elsewhere, while the gutless mayors and governors of these arenas or murder try to redirect our attention elsewhere. Why aren’t the sports heroes of America joining forces in these crime riddled communities to establish education, skills, jobs, sports venues and music programs, and other avenues toward healthy living. They should be role models for kids, to save their lives, actually and figuratively. That would be meaningful, instead of making asses of themselves and calling it a “protest.”
     According to the Justice Department, between 1980 and 2008 blacks accounted for 52 percent of murders, while representing only 13 percent of the population.  93 percent of black murder victims are killed by other blacks. There’s the problem.
     Enough with the false propaganda. Let’s focus on real problems. If footballers refuse to publicly honor their country, they should be fired, immediately. It has nothing to do with free speech.
     Meanwhile, the fans will be the ultimate judge.

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