Thursday, October 19, 2017



Some are calling it the brink of a Civil War.
Watch November 4th. Those who saw what took place during the “Arab Spring” of the Middle East in 2011 will understand what America will be facing on November 4th. And, the fundamental goals of the insurgents then (and now), was to lay groundwork for a coup and change the leadership of government. In Egypt, that worked for a short while as the Muslim Brotherhood became the new rulers, with Morsi at the helm. That was short-lived because the people of Egypt took their country back from the Muslim Brotherhood who was installing strict Sharia throughout the land, while terrorizing Christian Coptics.
     For the USA, pay close attention to “Antifa” which is one of the primary organizations behind the movement, to be supported by, and tagged with, several other powerful, well-financed anti-American organizations whose sole purpose is to create chaos, instill fear and – most of all – bring down the Trump administration. The intended coup.
     Think George Soros.
     There are numerous sources and web sites which identify the grand plan set for November 4th which is to invade some of America’s largest cities to label themselves as “protesters” when in fact they will be assembling by the multi-thousands to generate hatred and disorder likely to erupt into mass violence that local police will be unable to control, or … be prevented from controlling.
     Some of our largest cities, such as Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., etc., are led by local politicians who are extreme leftists, as was Baltimore in 2015 who ordered police to stand down and for insurgents to have their way, i.e. break laws. This has been done in past incidents where law abiding people watched while violence prevailed in the forms of arson, smashed windows, mass vandalism, destruction of police cars, looting and most likely, injuries to innocent people. Businesses in places like Ferguson, Baltimore and Berkley have been torched and closed in the face of powerless police causing merchants to close down.
     This is no secret. Google it all, and you will find plenty of information about the upcoming insurgency which – if it goes off as planned – will make Ferguson, L.A., Baltimore and other riot prone cities of yore look like a picnic.
     What other organizations?  Some are far left union organizations, others are representing anti-American agendas. Check Google-images and search for photos of other senseless demonstrations of violence in the last few years, mostly under the banner of fighting “Racism” and you will see many signs bearing “CPUSA”  (Communist Party USA) being held by scores of demonstrators.
     The primary emphasis of prospective “protesters” will be the  bandying of two infamous words which the left has relentlessly (and carelessly) attached to the Trump presidency “Racist” and “Fascist,” both false.
     Remember:  There are two powerful global entities – or representatives therein — who in their history, have vowed to destroy the United States, From Within. They being: Communism and Radical Islam. There are numerous documents and evidence to prove that to be so.   My recent book “Amerikastan: Conquest From Within” addresses this subject in detail. 
     I was initially made aware of this upcoming event by a very knowledgeable source, which I confirmed in my Google searches. The links above are but a few of those.
     What do we do? Recognize reality. These are people and organizations who are seizing the moment to lie, demonstrate and invoke fear in order to change government, including the abolishment of Free Speech and other freedoms within our constitution. It doesn’t matter if we are Republicans or Democrats, those of us who want no part of this kind of anti-Americanism and government coups, must speak out and not be fooled by terror and emotional manipulation.
     Our country is certainly imperfect, as are all of us within it. But we don’t want here what happened to Egypt in 2011, or for that matter, Germany in 1933.