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Pride of the Jihadi Mother

Pride of the Jihadi Mother
By Tabitha Korol

     Latifa Abu Hmeid is a Palestinian mother of six sons who have brought her much acclaim and wealth.    Four are serving life sentences for multiple murders, a fifth was martyred while dodging arrest for the murder of an Israeli, and a sixth is on trial for the confessed murder of Israeli staff sergeant Ronen Lubarsky.   Their mother has earned the title of “role model,” by the Palestinian Authority, and an increase to the reward that already exceeds $1 million.  
     While mothers in western civilization take pride in having their children succeed in their career choice, marry and give them grandchildren to tend and lovingly spoil, Palestinian parents are the result of an honor-shame culture that has perpetuated itself through the centuries to produce these human “weapons of mass destruction.” Any potential for humanity remains undeveloped. In such a culture, the children are raised and controlled through submission, often covert and unintentional, but they are “objectified,” disconnected from all human emotion and relate to others as objects. This is a multi-faceted term defined by some or all of the following:

  • Instrumentality, treated as a tool for another’s purpose;
  • Denied autonomy, under constant rule and surveillance;
  • Fungibility, treating person as interchangeable with objects, such as weapons;
  • Violability, treating person as violable, to be broken, desecrated;
  • Ownership, treating person as property;
  • Denial of subjectivity, child is trivialized for purpose without concern for experiences and feelings.

The majority of young girls are severely devalued, as evidenced by the macabre act of female genital mutilation – yes, mutilation, not merely a “cut,” as jihada Linda Sarsour would have us believe. Usually deprived of an education and, hence, the ability to develop independence, the daughter is shamed by soon having to be completely covered, becoming as invisible and immaterial as her mother, and often married as one of four youngsters to an older man, not of her choosing – legalized rape by an adult. Polygamy (polygyny) is integral to a warrior culture that anticipates a male population reduced by perpetual battle. It also allows for no emotional investment in one stable relationship. It is also reasonable to assume that the subconscious animosity for his mother and all maternal figures (to be explained) is why the male cannot express normal tenderness and protectiveness but, instead, develops a dominating sexual interest toward underage children, either gender, a psychiatric disorder.      For the devout Muslim, western dating, courtship, romance and love are not options, and marriage often becomes a series of rapes alternating with childbirth.  In his childhood, the Muslim male has often been affected by what his mother endured at the hands of a tyrannical father who was also dealing with the rage of his own childhood.  The result of his being subjected to shame, ridicule, ostracism, and bullying is that the son develops his own rage at his parents’ terrors and, like the daughter, is compelled to repress his feelings.  What is happening to these children, as so well defined by counterterrorist expert Dr. Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, in The Maternal Drama of the Chechen Jihadi, is a personality best described as a “volcanic iceberg.”  This dangerously fractured psychology is outwardly cold, unresponsive and devoid of empathy, but inwardly boiling with resentment and rage.
     The Muslim child must also contend with other traumas, those that take place beyond his immediate family, such as learning to handle weapons and behead dolls and small animals in classes, and losing friends and acquaintances to violence and death for their political cause.  As he grows older, he is taken to witness the torture and killing of large animals en route to their slaughter for the holiday of Eid Al-Adha, to hear the sounds of bleating and death, to be splattered with blood and see the streets run red through the village.  Children, who generally love animals, are traumatized as they inure to sights of cruelty and carnage, and develop an obsession with weaponry, destruction and horror at every turn. His personality quiets and self-protects with a lack of empathy (the iceberg), but it may suddenly erupt at the slightest provocation (the volcano), not unlike the psychopathic nice-neighbor-turned-serial killer.
     The male child who was objectified, in turn, now treats others as objects. The Islamic culture offers no other outlet – sports, parties, music or art – for his energy and self-expression.  There is no dating and courtship stage with the devalued opposite sex in the severely structured Islamic world; no development of tenderness, care and respect.  Their high degree of illiteracy, which excludes the rest of the world, and the five-times-daily prayers, which keep them focused, offer the only outlet – envy and hate – of females, Jews, Christians, and the West.  The elders encourage, teach, and demand revenge and bloodshed to “cleanse” their honor and relieve their shame; the flawed familial relationships and antisocial behaviors are the springboard for jihadi violence (revenge killing) not only against non-Muslims but frequently against their own women, children and infants.  He unconsciously rages against his fusion with his mother, a self-hatred because he cannot extricate himself from that bond.  The Islamic Chechen children’s pledge makes it clear: “We shall write our words in our blood when we are martyred.”
     Jihad, the political movement, appears 42 times in the Koran and advocates the spread of Islam. It may be accomplished by hijra (migration and increasing the Muslim population); by the sword and terrorist attacks until the enemy submits; and by forced conversion and surrender.  Kobrin notes that 95 percent of the world’s terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by Islamic terrorists since 1970. 
     Our role-model mother has been abused psychologically, physically and sexually; under constant threat, she is used to maintain obedience.  The male is charged with guarding the sexuality of the female, the family honor, and the father relinquishes his role to the first-born son.  Should the sister dishonor the family, it is the son who is tasked with taking her life.  This is culturally sanctioned domestic violence, revenge or reactive killing, not unlike terrorists who counterattack in reaction to a sociopolitical ideological insult.  This is what contributes to the shahid/martyrdom syndrome in Islam.  Kobrin says that every ninety minutes an honor killing occurs throughout the world, predominately in Arab Muslim countries – and more than a thousand per year in Pakistan.  The jihad attacks with rockets and human bombs, the fires, stabbings, kidnappings and rapes, continue unabated throughout the millennia.
     In their reverse world, where good is evil and evil is good, death is celebrated
Jihadi camp for kids: (there are several on the internet)  
Tabitha Korol

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(Re-post from March 2010) Continuum of Wars ( Part I )

To gain an accurate perspective of the last five thousand years of man's struggle for survival,it is necessary for historians to focus some attention on the religious variety within different cultures, and the obvious inclinations toward ugly blood-lust, and wars. Also, those very brief intervals of peace to regroup and re-equip armies, and to plan for the next offensive.

Long before King Hammurabi's Code (The First Written Law, 1800 B.C.), there were grim tribal conflcts, often with beheadings and/or mutilations, with both the human and animal sacrifice to their Gods. Some of these included cannibalism. However, all of this is beyond the purposes of this post, where the author hopes to alert today's politicians and diplomats to our more imminent peril of nuclear war in the first half of this century.

Chronological Jihad

Muslim apologists are quick to point to the term 'Jihad' as a "struggle", and not necessarily a Holy War. It is left to the individual to reach their own considered judgement on this axiom.

• The First Jihad was against the Arabs (622 - to 634 A.D.)

• Next, the Jihad against Zoroastrian Persians, Beluchistan & Afganistan (634-651)

• The Jihad against Byzantine Christians (634 -1453)

• The Jihad against Christian Coptics - Egypt (640 - 655)

• The Jihad against Christian Coptic Nubians - Modern Sudanese (650)

• The Jihad against Spaniards (711 - 730) King Rodrigo beheaded!

• * The Reconquista (victory) over the Jihadists in Spain (730 - 1492)

• The Jihad against Franks - the modern French (720 - 732)

• The Jihad against Sicilians in Italy (812 - 940)

• The Jihad against Chinese (751)

• The Jihad against Turks (651 - 751)

• The Jihad against Armenians & Georgians (1071 - 1920)

• * The Crusade against Jihad (1096 - 1291) is "on-going."

• The Jihad against Mongols (1260 - 1300)

• The Jihad against Hindus of India, Pakistan & bangladesh (638 - 1857) - 'ongoing'.

• The Jihad against Indonesians and Malays (1450 - 1500)

• The Jihad against Poland (1444 - 1500)

• The Jihad against Rumania (1350 - 1699)

• The Jihad against Russia (1500 - 1853)

• The Jihad against Bulgaria (1350 - 1843)

• The Jihad against Serbs, Croats and Albanians (1334 - 1920)

• The Jihad against Greeks (1450 - 1853)

• The Jihad against Albania (1332 - 1853)

• The Jihad against Croatia (1389 - 1843)

• The Jihad against Hungarians (1500 - 1683)

• The Jihad against Austrians ((1683)


Continuum of Wars (Part II)

For anyone that hopes to expand their knowledge of today's Islamic Jihad, it is essential to {search} 'Saudi Wahhabism', and it founder Abdul Wahhab, and the relationship of his teachings that led to the African wars of the 18th & 19th centuries. Also- Jihad in the Modern Age, 20th & 21st Centuries

• The Jihad against Israel (1948) On-going..

The Jihad against the British (1947) On-going..

The Jihad against Nigerians (1965) On-going..

The Jihad against the Philipinos in Mindanao (1970)

The Jihad against Indonesian Christians in Malaku & East Timor 1970

The Jihad against U.S.A. (11/4/1979) U.S. Embassy, Iran. {Act of War}

The Jihad against the U.S.A.'s New York City "Twin Towers" (1993)

The Jihad against Russians (1995) On-going..

The Jihad against the U.S.A. (9/11/2001) New York City, > On-going..

The Jihad against Canadians (2001) On-going..

The Jihad against Australia (2002) On-going..

The Jihad against Latin America (2003) On-going..

The Jihad against Dutch & Belgians (2003) On-going

The Jihad against Norwegians & Swedes (2003) On-going

The Jihad against Thais (2003) On-going

The Jihad against Denmark (2005) on-going..

The Jihad against the U.S.A. Military, Ft. Hood, Texas (Nov. 5, 2009)

And So It Goes, as Iran enriches U-235 to get Nuclear Capability For Their Missiles in 2010, and for their Hamas, Hezbullah & al Queda Terrorist Puppets, to Infiltrate & Deliver To The Enemies of Devine Jihad Holy War.*

* Check all dates for accuracy w/ Wikipedia - or, Check this website ( v )

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For Additional Info, Or Comments ) -- >

* Please Pass This Post Along To Aware Friends, Thanks! - reb

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By Marshall Frank On April 9, 2018 in GeneralPolitics & Government
Sanctuary cities and states that are advocating for the protection of criminal illegal aliens from federal law enforcement, has nothing to do with compassion and/or pro-immigration viewpoints.  It’s all about power.
Not long ago, leading Democrats and Republicans shared concerns about “illegal” immigration while vowing to take measures to control the border and dispatch law enforcement to deal with “illegal” activities.
Many democrats of years passed have called for stricter measures against illegal immigration and much stronger border enforcement, even including expanding the wall along Mexico. 
In his 1995 speech to congress, President Bill Clinton stated, “We are a nation of immigrants. But we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop it.”
Sound familiar? President Clinton actually initiated an enforcement campaign against employers who knowingly hired illegal aliens for American jobs.
In 2010, President Obama made a speech, stating, “The presence of so many illegal immigrants makes a mockery of all those who are going through the process of immigrating legally. Indeed…the legal immigration system is as broken as the borders.” 
In 1994, Senator Diane Feinstein, D-Ca) ran a political ad which she promised to get tougher on illegals with “more agents, fencing, lighting and other equipment.”
What’s changed?
Anyone can access Google to find numerous examples how the tide has turned among prominent democrats, not only by backing away from enforcement policies, some actually support the worst immigration menace to America in which mayors and governors of states like California, Illinois and New York openly call for laws to be broken. Officials in “Sanctuary” cities and states thumb their noses at ICE, ATF and other federal agencies by protecting criminals and breaking their oaths of office including laws they swore to uphold.
Just last month, the mayor of Oakland, California sent out an alert to hundreds of illegal immigrants in the Bay Area warning them that ICE was about to embark on a series of law enforcement raids. The head of ICE estimated that 800 or more subjects avoided arrest.  Most targeted subjects have past criminal records.    
We are seeing the rise of anarchy in America. Not only do some illegals break our criminal laws, they have allies within government who aid and abet crime by preventing federal law enforcement from doing their jobs.
How is that not an obstruction of justice?
Sure, there are good and decent people within the “illegal” community, but there are also too many drug dealers, smugglers, gang members, thieves, sexual predators and yes, murderers, all of whom are a threat to Americans. Authorities have enough problems dealing with a homegrown criminal population, we certainly don’t need to protect foreign criminals.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel made it clear that Chicago will “always be a sanctuary city.” That sentiment, which has been echoed by too many, is a recipe for a slippery slope that will forever transform America from a nation of laws to a nation of lawlessness. In 2017, California’s lawmakers passed a bill (SB54) designed to protect undocumented immigrants by defying the federal government. If a government can endorse the breaking of laws, then all laws can eventually become meaningless.
The question is why? Why would governors like California’s Jerry Brown and mayors like Rahm Emanuel and so many others, embark on supporting lawlessness?  These representatives take oaths to defend the laws of our land.
There can only be one answer; the quest for political power. The democratic hierarchy discovered a winning tactic. When illegals from other countries are invited, supported, protected and even embraced, democrat voters will be spawned by the millions for future generations, swinging America into a one-sided power base forever. Add to that, birth rates and the long range impact of chain migration, it’s only a matter of time. Illegal aliens, criminal and non-criminal, will be forever grateful and indebted to those who protected them, ergo, voting democrat forever.
It has nothing to do with compassion. It’s simply a tactic to expand numbers, and with numbers, comes power.
It’s like farmers sowing seeds for the future. The best way to do that, is keep those borders open, keep the flow coming, protect illegal immigrants (criminal or not) and nurture the political plantation to produce lifelong loyalists. 
This nullifies the taking of an oath when assuming a seat in the political spectrum. Any violation of oaths such as this is a clear warning that oaths are meaningless.
If government leaders can openly support the breaking of laws, what’s next?

Sunday, January 28, 2018


(This Op-Ed appears in Florida Today newspaper, January 24, 2018)
Here is a plan that would greatly improve our government process.
  • Term and age limits: For U.S. senators, two 6-year terms, twelve years in office maximum. For the House, six terms maximum, two years each. Maximum age: 80.
America does not need career politicians. We need the most qualified and able who will work in the interests of the people. Going into office, politicians will know when they will be passing the baton to someone else. This also allows senators and Congress members time to work instead of constantly running for office. Term limits of 15 years and/or age restrictions should also be extended to federal judges and the U.S. Supreme Court. There are many reasons to support such laws, and few reasons to oppose them.
  • This may require an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but campaign contributions to candidates running for federal office, including the president, should be outlawed from private citizens, large corporations and special interest groups. No elected representative of the people should be beholden to financial paybacks.
When a cop takes money for favors, he goes to jail. When a politician takes money for favors, he goes to Washington. The system invites corruption. Congress members spend half their time running for the next election and attending fundraisers. Campaign budgets for federal officials can be financed by the taxpayer by assessing a modest fee in all income tax filings. With some 153 million taxes filed this year, according to the IRS, that would provide ample funds to run campaigns and establish honesty in government. It would also give voters a peek at how they manage a budget.
  • Establish minimum standards for holding office. For every state and federal job in America, there are basic requirements for qualification, why not politicians? The standards for Senate, House and president are basically nil. The constitution was ratified when the population was less than 4 million and the problems of commerce, taxes, laws, immigration, and national security were far less complex than today. Politicians should be vetted by bi-partisan panels to ensure we are not voting for untrustworthy or incompetent representatives. This should be particularly strict for anyone running for president. Background matters. Achievements matter. Dishonesty matters. The FBI has a system for vetting applicants, why not use the same for federal politicians?
  • Fire or impeach blatantly dishonest politicians. Systems should be designed whereby any senator, congressman or president who knowingly violates the public trust by overtly lying should be booted out of office. Politicians who lie about one issue will lie about anything. Blatant dishonesty in political ads should also disqualify a candidate. It’s time we stop joking about dishonest politicians and start holding them accountable.
  • Keep media out of politics. We have had a number of influential people in the mainstream media who had close relatives, including spouses, employed by the White House or in government positions of high sensitivity. This compromises the integrity of government as well as media focus if and when they have special interests in government policy. That translates to skewing news and information by favoring with one side or the other.
  • Special prosecutors assigned to investigate corruption or other scandals, should be appointed by a non-partisan panel and not by the president or the attorney general, especially when the focus is, in fact, on the president or the attorney general. Further, the attorney general should be an elected official answerable to the citizens and not a guardian of the president.  Ninety percent of states elect their attorneys general.
  • Absolutely require photo identification for eligible voters at every election and establish rules and process that are the same in every state, particularly for federal elections. Voters should produce evidence of being qualified citizens. There is nothing racist or malicious about that. This would curtail ineligible voting, and prevent those who may vote more than once. If people can get their welfare I.D., they can get their voter I.D.
I know.  I’m not holding a breath.